Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sue says

Thanks to Cali I feel compelled at the start of every month to check Sue for my horoscope. Not that she says stuff that is all that earth shattering or relevant, but some of it is relevant, and gives me a little hope sometime. Or, more often, tells me not to do something I have been planning on.

This month, she's banging on about my career, and me having great prospects for a raise. Now, November IS the month that they decide on my salary, but honestly, my performance has been so lackluster ever since I started fertility treatments, that I highly doubt that a raise is in my future. In fact, I'll probably be lucky not to get fired.

But at the very end, she says something that she's never said before. You have to look close, but there it is. Oh, and November 24th is my estimated egg retrieval date, by the way.

Romance will shimmer on several days during the month, but most divinely on November 7, and in the days, weeks, and months that follow Uranus' turn to direct orbit on November 24.

In the coming months, the planet ruling your house of love, Uranus, has been moving at a sluggish mode, but all that changes from end of November onward. You can expect this surprise-a-minute planet to spice up your love life in time for the holidays.

Start getting ready for parties, intimate dinners, and walks together to look at the pretty city lights. If you've been alone, you may not be for long, and if you feel your partner's neglected you, you'll love being fussed over in coming weeks and months. Do you hope to have a baby? In this magical season, all things are possible.


calliope said...

"all things are possible"
loving Sue for you!!

also was struck by the "If you've been alone, you may not be for long"

very effing cool!

truculent.girl said...

whooooo. I've apparently got a lot of financial success coming to me, which is great considering I don't pull in a paycheck (yet! Sue says I will soon!).

I like the bit at the end about the baby. Let's go 11/24!