Thursday, November 08, 2007


I'm probably jinxing myself here, but I'm happy to report that (so far) I have had no side effects from the lupron. At all. Whatsoever. In fact, I keep having to remind myself to either do the shot or that I already did the shot, because I feel so disconnected from it all. Not that I'm complaining, it's a good thing not to have side effects. But, you know, disconcerting.

Anyhoo, I had a few questions in the comments that I haven't responded to yet, so I will try to answer here.

1. Does valium with transfer increase your chances?
I had to Google this, which proved useless as I got six million hits for various sites trying to sell me drugs. Including one entitled "can you snort valium?" which I had never even considered before. Not that I want to try, but it's interesting to think that other people DO want to try snorting it. But, as far as I know, valium is standard practice at a lot of clinics, because it relaxes you before transfer, and more importantly relaxes the uterus. I couldn't find any evidence of it increasing pregnancy rates (not that I searched for very long), but I guess it wouldn't be standard practice in many clinics if it didn't at least help. It is NOT standard practice at Big Clinic, but they will prescribe it if you beg. Last cycle I had a couple of tablets left over from my old clinic, and I took them sneakily, but only took 1 before transfer and 1 after. And I was very nervous and anxious about the whole thing, especially as you don't get any information about your embryos until you are called into the OR for the actual transfer. As I only had two to work with, I figured I would have been a complete and utter gibbering mess without a valium. So I made a decision that I was never going to do a transfer again without it. This time I have a prescription for 2 tablets, so I will take them both before the transfer. And do acupuncture before and after, so hopefully that will leave me nicely mellow.

2. How did I score a free Akashic records reading?
Ah, well, it helps to have connections. My aunt is a fairly new age type person, and is a craniosacral therapist. So this person that did the reading is a friend of hers, and kindly offered me a free session when we met several weeks ago on the basis that my aunt is so lovely and does so much for her that she wanted to give something back. I did it while at home, but over the phone, which was great.

3. What's craniosacral therapy like?
Based on having a therapist in the family, I have had various sessions over the years. In fact, it's my standard request for birthday and Christmas presents. I think of it kind of like Reiki in many respects, though with a bit more emphasis on your head and spine (obviously, given the name!). You can feel tingly energy in parts of your body that the therapist is concentrating on and it is very relaxing. It's done fully clothed, like Reiki is, and I believe that it was entirely due to craniosacral work that I don't get migraines any more. At all.

4. Are you really as fabulous as you appear to be?
Yes! Thanks for noticing. ;)

OK, OK, I made that last question up.


Marcy "meg" said...

I am really leaning towards asking for the valium. My clinic does not promote it either unless you beg... so I think I may beg.

As far as the craniosacral... I think I may have to look more into that... I have migraines! Anything to get them to stop is worth looking into!

Awesome about not having lupron effects... I have had a few headaches... of course... sigh.

Kim said...

Are you really as fabulous as you appear to be?

There! You weren't really making up that question; you were just anticipating me asking it! ;)

June Bug Momma said...

LMAO Sarah you r too funny! :o) Love reading your posts. Re: The Valium....My clinic does not prescribe it because you have to have a full bladder for the transfer. I know if I would have taken it, I would have peed on my Dr.! Having a full bladder and Valium don't mix! I would definitely go for it if your Dr. does not require you to have a full bladder. :-) Sending you good luck wishes!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the answer about the valium. My regular doctor has been awesome about understanding the anxiety and stress of infertility so I have a stash of ativan and xanax, but no valium- I don't see any reason they wouldn't do the same thing. My original question sort of went to the idea that valium might somehow harm the embryos, but if some clinics are doing it I guess that is not the case. Glad you are feeling good on the lupron.

bleu said...
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bleu said...

I have never asked you if you were as fabulous as you appear to be because I already know you are!!!