Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Waiting to sleep

Waiting to sleep

Mis-timing. It's been the word (words?) of the day. I arrived way way too early for my facial, which was with an English facialist, this being after I had acupuncture with an English acupuncturist, and by the way, my IVF nurse is English - WTF? It's like being in this whole country-warp thing - is there anyone left in the old country or is everyone over here now?  Sorry, I  digress, back to mis-timing and the general killing of time. I had to sit outside a coffee shop being alternately harangued by a deranged man and barked at by an Irish Wolfhound. Then I had far too much time to kill before my ridiculously late flight. So I arrived at the airport a full three hours early and was barked at by an irate security guard. And now my ridiculously late flight is delayed so that I am currently projected to arrive back in my home town at 1:15am. I expect it'll be closer to 2am.  I am not good with sleep-deprivation, by the way. Not good at all, so I am not particularly cheery at this turn of events. 

I just shot up in an airport bathroom. Not for the first time. And not for the last time, either. Still haven't shot up while actually flying, though I am considering it for the return flight to NY just so I can brag about how hard-core I am. Moving car? Public restroom?  Pshaw, try turbulence, baby!

The coculture biopsy went well. It didn't hurt, apart from some cramps when I was getting dressed. More worrying is that they are making me repeat my thyroid bloodwork. When I had it done in March, I thought it was a tad high, but nobody said anything so I figured it wasn't an issue. Not that I want a problem to be unmedicated but I don't want to be on any more drugs than needed. Especially ones that may have to be taken throughout a pregnancy. It just worries me a tad to take meds if there's a baby there sharing those medications. And I read something a while ago about fluoride in water affecting thyroid levels so it might make me seriously pissed off if my city has poisoned my thyroid gland. Oh well, I'm probably overreacting.

Luckily, Big Clinic being what it is, I got to sit and wait with a fellow IVF vet, so we gossiped about past protocols and egg retrievals. Ah, good times. She was just as much of a failure as me!  Imagine!  I tried to strike up conversation with a couple of other women but they had that deer-in-the-headlights look of  newbies and clearly didn't want to be infected by the cloud of infertility germs that I must carry with me.

The best news of the day, however, is that I managed to score a valium prescription from Dr. S for transfer day, though it's not nearly as much as I would like. Yes, yes, I know. I JUST said I didn't want to take drugs. But valium for transfer day is different. It's necessary!  I made my usual feeble "joke" about wanting enough valium for the entire month but sadly didn't get anywhere.  I should probably have begged harder. Maybe I will if I see him again. Seriously? Why on earth CAN'T we be spaced out for the whole cycle? I'm sure their success rates would go up.  I mean, if we're all supposed to "just relax" and we'll get pregnant, why not help us out a little?

More tomorrow if I am capable of rational thought.  Probably not, so don't go holding any breath out there.


Anonymous said...

Been lurking and just wondering about the valium for the transfer. Does this help your chances? I am supposed to start ivf this month and would love to know. Thanks.

Care said...

Glad the coculture biopsy went well. Woohoo for valium! That's not such a bad idea, to float in a valium haze through each cycle. Too bad the doctor wasn't going for it.

Yodasmistress said...

"I mean, if we're all supposed to "just relax" and we'll get pregnant, why not help us out a little?"

Hee hee. True that.