Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Raving lunatic

Oh dear god.

The irritability has run amok. I nearly slapped my boss. Twice. For being an insufferable idiot. Then banged my head repeatedly against my computer wrist rest (not quite an idiot myself, it's a soft, cushy wrist rest) in front of him when he asked me yet another stupid question and told him to stop wasting my time. And then nearly stuck pencils in my own eyes in frustration.

And then ran off screaming so I could calm down.

Not that it's the best time to antagonize my boss, because he's about to go off to the payraise committee to decide whether I get anything at all next year. I'll probably be fired at the rate I am going.

Jesus H. and Jiminy Cricket, I spoke too soon on the lupron. I have clearly gone psychotic.

In my defense officer, he is an insufferable idiot.


June Bug Momma said...

LOL!! That Lupron is making you into some kind of mad woman Sarah! That reminds me..I remember talking to a gal in the waiting room (she was on her 3rd IVF) and she told me that she begged her boss if she could work from home for the month because she knew she would be too homornal to work around people!

I hope you don't get canned and get that raise Sarah! You really deserve it for all that hard work you do. Hang in there and hope for the positive outcomes. :o)

calliope said...

heh. this cracks me up. Just don't smack me for laughing at you.

Yodasmistress said...

I believe you. I promise I do.