Saturday, November 24, 2007

I might be triggering tonight!

Nice growth from yesterday, so I'm just waiting for the call.

In other news, after watching the What Not to Wear marathon on TLC, I was inspired enough to go out and buy myself a complete outfit. I figure given that it fits while all IVF-bloated it'll still fit me while pregnant (hah! The unashamed optimism) or I'll lose tons of weight and will be skinny so won't mind it being too big. Yeah right to either of those. But I think I look cute in it, so that's the main thing. Of course, my suitcase is stuffed to the gills already so I've no actual idea how to pack it to get it home. I may be mailing stuff to myself at this rate!


calliope said...

or you can always just buy another suitcase & do MORE shopping!!

So exciting that tonight could be trigger night!!

bleu said...

I am thinking of you!

I cannot wait until you are too pregnant to wear it!!!

Anonymous said...

I never let lack of suitcase space stop me from shopping :)
Yeah, on the possible trigger!