Monday, November 05, 2007

That thing I did

Wow, it was very interesting on Friday. For those who care, I actually had my Akashic records read. Apparently you have a big book up in the ether which has your soul's journey written on it. There's a whole library up there, according to the folks that do this. With everybody's books. And some people can speak to the masters who can access such records, and can give out advice. Hey, no laughing, please! As I said, I wouldn't have done it unless it was free, but some of what she said resonated and made sense. And all the more so once I had discussed it in depth with my aunt, who apparently remembers more events from my childhood than I do. Useful that, as my memory is pretty appalling and I also tend to minimize what I do remember. I am one of those types that is all "Oh, yeah, I had a wonderful childhood and adolescence. Nothing out of the ordinary happened at all. What's that? No, can't remember anything that would affect me. Nothing at all. Umm, well, you know, I guess I could mention my mother dying when I was 11." I am definitely a glosser-over of bad things. I will tell you I feel fine right up to the point of keeling over or vomiting on your feet. So, it's very helpful to have a relative available who can provide details, as my dad is totally useless on that score.

So, I have some karmic blockages preventing me from becoming pregnant, but I have specific things to do to remove those blockages, and after that I should be good to go. And I'm storing some other emotions in my abdomen, from arguments and grief and other things, which I have to clear as well, partly by telling my abdomen that I love it. Flab and all.

I mean, why not? I've had a guy stick his fingers up my arse in the name of clearing adhesions, so this is pretty minimal in the long list of things I have tried in order to get pregnant. A few meditations, a few craniosacral therapy sessions and voila. Why the hell not try, eh?

In other news, I am in NY! I flew up yesterday, and just had my giant blood draw for the coculture, so my uterine cells which they will take tomorrow can have lots of lovely food to grow on so the lab can make a cushy home for my embryos before they get transferred back to me. I am now in the patient resource center in the clinic, waiting for an hour or so to go by before I decide to walk anywhere. See, I learned my lesson last time, when I tried to immediately walk to Central Park and then almost fainted. Twice. And then ended up lying like a dead vagrant on a bench in the park, attracting double-takes from passers-by who were clearly wondering if they needed to call the cops to come and remove my lifeless body.


calliope said...

HOW did I miss that you were flying up to NY on Sunday?
Hope you are taking it easy and having some fun- just no epic walks for you.

tryingin2007 said...

hi there. I stumbled upon your blog on cyclesista. I am currently sitting tight (yeah, right) waiting to surge and then have my co-culture next week. good times. I hear cornell is a zoo right now. ugh.

amyjay said...

Oh the things we will do.

And of course we wouldn't laugh.

Craniosacral therapy is next on my to do list. I'd love to hear how it works for you.

T said...

Oooooh - I would love to hear more about the akashic records reading. How did you manage to score that gig? And for free? IN NYC??

Hope the coculture goes/went well. I've heard it's a smidge ouchie.