Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday morning

I had a revelation this morning. I finally figured out what the nurse said to me yesterday!

You see, the nurse that called with my instructions on the meds had quite a strong asian accent. I think it was Chinese, but whatever. So she said "you on lupron pour one, righ?" and I went "sorry? What did you say?" "Lupron pour one." "Umm, no, sorry, I don't understand. You said lupron and then I don't know what you said after that." Eventually after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing she practically shouted "ten units" to which I went "oh! Yes, I'm on ten units of lupron." So then she rattled off that I was to stay on the same dose that evening and start 300 of follistim and 150 of menopur today, and drop the lupron down to "point zero five". I didn't have a clue what she meant by 0.05 of lupron, but said yes, OK, right, gotcha, as I knew I should drop the lupron down to 5 units. But, just because I'm anal and have a need to know precisely what is going on at all times, I then immediately called my assigned IVF nurse, thinking I'd ask her what the eff the other nurse meant. I understand my IVF nurse perfectly as we're from the same little country on the other side of the pond so have this whole fellow countrywomen bond going on. Except her voicemail said she was now out until Monday. Great. No explanations for me.

Last night, as I did my lupron shot, I noticed that the syringe was a 0.5cc syringe, and went up to 50 units so then it made sense to say 0.05 of lupron because if we're talking about cc's rather than units, 5 units is 0.05 cc's. So that clicked. All well and good. But something was still nagging me. That whole "pour one" thing. Now, you're all probably way ahead of me at this point and have figured it out, but I still couldn't for the life of me understand what the nurse had been saying. Which bothered me because I like to think that when it comes to something as important as drugs I should know exactly what I'm doing.

Until this morning, that is, when I was eating my oatmeal and not even thinking about shots. "Pour one!" came into my head. And with great clarity it finally dawned on me that it's "point one", as in 0.1cc, as in ten units. Duh, double duh and triple duh. Why on earth I couldn't figure that out yesterday, I don't know. But it makes me happy that I do at least now understand everything the nurse said.

I am flying off tomorrow, which means that I will be super busy and won't have time to post. I have to take my kitty to the vets to board her, and that is already making me teary. I also have to figure out what to pack, which I am useless about as I can never figure out how cold it is going to be. Oh yeah, and finish the mountain of work on my desk. Talking of which, I'd better get cracking.


bleu said...

Do you get the headaches too? If so do they stop when you go down to 5 or not until you stop it entirely?

Solitaire said...

Bleu - oh yes, I have a headache right now in fact. I just stopped posting about them when the crazies became the more pressing issue! Last time I remember everything going away when I started stims and dropped the lupron down to 5, but I've only done 1 long lupron protocol so it's hard to remember. Good luck with your cycle by the way!

jrp said...

Hi there,
I am in NY, also cycling at "Big Clinic" and fyi it is super cold right now, very windy, and is going to be cold this weekend.
Bring sweaters, gloves etc.
Good luck.

bleu said...

Thanks Sarah, only 2 more days til I drop down and start stims!!

lori said...

wishing you the best with your upcoming cycle!


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize you were going up there so soon. When is ER?
Sending good, positive vibes you way.

Sara said...

Good luck!