Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Aaaand we're off. Maybe.

OK, the spotting turned a little more, umm, flow-y, so I decided to call it cycle day 1. Called the nurse, who wasn't in. Why is that, by the way? Why is my IVF nurse out of the office on pretty much every day that I call? So I called the scheduler, and explained ever so sweetly that I would normally speak to the nurse but she wasn't in, and owing to the fact that I didn't get a cycle confirmation letter I wasn't terribly sure what to do. And of course she pounced on the whole "no letter" part of the sentence and started grilling me on my address, and insisting that the letter was sent to me in September. Uh huh. Can we steer things back to "what do I need to do now?" please? Can we just accept the fact that I do not currently have a letter, and the question of whether or not it was never sent to me or I destroyed it by accident is immaterial?

Anyhoo, we ascertained that I had everything I needed and that I just need to continue on the lupron then toddle off for an ultrasound and blood draw on Thursday morning at the local clinic, and report back to them afterwards. Then they'll give me more instructions on starting stims. So I made the rash decision to book my flight for Saturday instead of Friday as I had originally thought and change my hotel reservation to Saturday as well, in the hope that they won't want me back in until cycle day 6. Cali asked about arranging travel - well, I basically wait until I can stand it no longer, and then hop onto the Jet Blue website and book a one-way flight, hoping for the best. I did have to cancel the flight that time I got postponed because of the monster cyst, but I was able to use most of the money for a subsequent flight so I was only out the cancellation fee of $30 (now $35). I could leave it until the day before I travel to book, I suppose, but that leaves me with the worry that a) it would cost about the same as buying a new car, and b) I wouldn't get a seat, thus having to drive to NY instead of flying. So I'm taking the risk. Oooh, don't I live dangerously?

Of course, having done all of that, I'm now convinced that the flowyness has probably dried up and we'll be back to spotting because it was a pretty marginal call. But what the hell - none of it really matters on lupron. I hope.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, I'm sending you good vibes for a great scan on Thursday morning.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I'm able to publish a comment for some reason now!!!
-Margie (again)

calliope said...

oh! Scan is tomorrow!! exciting.
I wish Jet blue traveled to where I need to go...grumble, grumble