Friday, November 09, 2007


Thank goodness for Blackberry alarms! I was vegging out in front of the TV last night, chortling at My Name Is Earl and generally minding my own business, and the darn Blackberry started beeping at me. At first I was kind of confused because the alarm is a similar sound to the text message beep on my cellphone and I'd had a text message earlier in the evening so at first thought I had another one. I picked up the cellphone. Nope, no text. Then the Blackberry. Hmmm, the alarm was going off. I wondered why.

And then the ton of bricks came crashing down straight upon my head, momentarily knocking me off balance.

The lupron shot! Duh. And the prize for the most forgetful idiot of the year goes

I had totally forgotten about doing lupron. But I suppose the good thing about doing so many IVF cycles is that I have learned by experience, as I did actually completely forget a lupron shot on a previous cycle (luckily I remembered a few hours later before going to bed, so no real harm done). So, I learned that I had to set myself an alarm every day that I need to do a shot, no matter what. No matter if I think there is no way on earth that I will forget, the alarm is set to go off every day. Because the likelihood is that my brain will empty out the second that the goggle box goes on in the evening, as I proved yesterday. I used to do my shots earlier, at around 7pm, which is usually before the TV goes on chez Solitaire, so it may have been less of an issue. Or I may have been more anxious/interested about the whole process before I failed so damn many of these things, and therefore cared more about doing shots precisely on time. But anyway, this cycle I'm trying to time things around all the flights I have to make going backwards and forwards to NY, so I shifted my shots to 8.30pm as that's smack in the middle of Big Clinic's suggested timing of between 7 and 10pm. And smack in the middle of TV-watching and brain-emptying opportunities. So I don't think this is going to be the last time that the alarm saves the day.

And let me just say to any other bloggers out there going through or about to go through an IVF cycle. Yup, never post about having no side effects. It totally jinxes you. The lupron headache started playing around the edges of my brain yesterday evening and now it has hit full force. I guess those bricks hitting me on the head didn't help either.


calliope said...

loopy lupron!
I had to use my cell phone as an alarm as well.

how many more days before you start your stims??

June Bug Momma said...

DUH!? LMAO! Isn't that funny how we are so set on TTC that we forget the vital stuff? BTDT! Wow..the big day is nearing!! Thinking positive thoughts for you!!

Celeste (onelongyarn) said...

taking notes! my drugs arrived at work the other day, and i seriously had NO idea what was in the box!! what is it about this stuff?

i'm keeping an eye on you (i'm a new reader) and walking with you through this cycle.

Evil Stepmonster said...

These chemical-induced headaches are tough aren't they? I hope yours clears soon.