Thursday, November 15, 2007

Look ma! No cysts!

I went for my wanding today at my local clinic. And I'm pleased to say that I have NO cysts. All is quiet on the ovarian front. The ultrasound technician did feel it necessary to point out three times that "you are very gassy" with lots of emphasis on the "very". Gee, thanks. And that is relevant to my ultrasound how? Either you can see my ovaries or you can't. Why feel the need to make me feel small for a normal bodily function? Not that I think I am a particularly gassy person, you know, it's not like I was trying to hold in any tooting while I was lying on the table. And when she was showing me my ovaries on the screen, and almost delighting in pointing out said gassiness, I have to say, it all just looked like fat to me. But then I'm not the expert, so what do I know. To my untutored eye, though, my follicles all looked nice and evenly sized so that's a big relief. Hopefully I can avoid any dominant follicle issues this time around.

She found 4 antral follicles on the right, and 6 on the left. So that compares with last cycle's 11 antral follicles. Hopefully the long lupron protocol will enable me to actually get all the antral follicles stimulated to produce eggs. Oh, if only! Hey, a girl can dream.

I almost killed a few motorists in a road rage incident on the way in to work, so the lupron is still making me, erm...feisty, shall we say. But why oh why can nobody follow the damn road rules any more??? Don't they realize there are hormonal maniacs sharing the road with them? Thank Christ my boss is going off to his meetings in an hour or so, so hopefully he will emerge from this cycle without a hatchet embedded in his skull.

Please though, if you value world peace, pray that Big Clinic will let me start stims tonight, and more importantly, drop my damn dose of lupron. I feel that the harmony of this particular corner of mother Earth may be severely damaged if I have to continue being a short tempered beyotch for much longer.


calliope said...

fanTAStic news!
& loved the title of this post.

What time does Big Clinic make the calls?!?!


Kim said...

Hot damn! That's great news, S, altho... yeah, The Wander could have kept her opinions about gas to herself. (rolling eyes)

Hoping that Big Clinic starts your stims!

Anonymous said...

Great news on the scan, Sarah.
Praying for stims, and less lupron.

bleu said...

What dose have you been on? I have been battling the bitch the past few days and am hoping it does not get worse. I am on 10 though. I also start stims next monday regardless and have my u/s the following Tuesday.

Thinking really positive for you this cycle hun.