Monday, November 19, 2007

Cash strapped

Well, I'd like to report a nice uneventful clinic visit, but that would be lying. Oh, not that there's anything wrong with my follicles or anything like that. In fact, I've no idea how my follicles are doing because I didn't have an ultrasound - just bloodwork. And I'm waiting for the call based on the bloodwork, but not holding my breath for anything dramatic (I'd give even odds that the instructions will be "stay on the same meds for another day").

But I went to try to pay for my cycle this morning. And told them to take $8000 from my medical flex spending account, and put the rest on a credit card. Except the flex card didn't go through. The receptionist offered to put through a different amount, but $8000 is the amount I am paying in to it, so $8000 should have worked. After two card swipes, I called the customer service people of my flex plan administrators. And they weren't open yet. I waited a bit, which was fine as I was chatting in the waiting room with one of my internet buddies. Then I called after the appointed opening time. And completely forgot my social security number. I mean, what IS it with me this cycle? But eventually I stammered out a number and the customer service rep told me that I had owed them 8 cents from last year, so the amount available was $7999.92. They could have effing told me this previously, but whatever. Off I trotted back to the receptionist and proferred my card asking if she wouldn't mind giving me a dollar discount off the cycle. Pretty please. She swiped again. And again. Still nothing.

I called. Again. I stayed on hold for a long time, fuming about the wastage of my precious cellphone minutes. Eventually customer service came back and told me they'd have to contact the card issuing company and call me back.

I waited. I waited some more. I went to the patient resource center to kill some time. No call. So I went back to my hotel room and vegged out in front of old Project Runway episodes. I called customer service YET again, and this time they were closed for their Thanksgiving lunch. Grrreat. Finally I got through to someone, again spent an age on hold and was then told that my card had never been activated by accident when our new plan year kicked in, but should be fine now.

So off I trooped to Big Clinic. Again. And paid the cash, finally. Phew. Done.

I should now go off and do something virtuous like a yoga class, but in all honesty the afternoon is actually heading towards chocolate and/or cookie eating. Eggs develop well when fed on a diet of chocolate, don't they?


bleu said...

Hey you, I am so sorry for such a crummy day so far. Please email me your email addy so I can write you non-public.

Yodasmistress said...

mmmm Chocolate.

Celeste said...

chocolate is not only good for the follies, it's good for the *MAMA*! sorry you had such a crappy day with all that red tape garbage... but good for you for persevering, and hopefully it will be all green lights from now through implantation (and beyond!).


Heather said...

Yes they do in fact.

I made brownies this morning and chocolate chip cookies tonight...


I want my eggies to grow for this cycle. Now go get you some chocolate!

Calliope said...

hope you are still snoozing in a choco-coma.
What an effing billing mess! SO glad that it was all worked out. I hope that is the only glitch you have and that it is all smooooth sailing from here on out!