Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Talk, keep talking...

I had a great ultrasound today, so I'm doing the happy dance. The biggest follicle didn't grow much overnight (it is now 16mm, well, 15x17) but the smaller ones caught up. AND I could see more folllicles on the screen today. I mean, don't tell anyone I said this, but I think I might be in with the chance of 8-10. The only weirdness was that the RE said that I might trigger tomorrow. Which seems too early given the size of my follicles and my estrogen level. I know they are the experts and I am trying very hard to leave the worrying up to them, but sometimes it is difficult not to second guess. I really hope that they allow me to stim an extra day and let me trigger on Sunday, though.

Physically things are getting tougher. I've got that squicky feeling I get while stimming, like I'm oozing estrogen out of every pore and can't get quite clean enough. You know, like with a bad hangover without the headache or the fun. And then my ovaries are kind of sore all the time now, not just when I've been walking or have a full stomach, and the pain is radiating to my lower back. It'll all be worth it if it ends up being a good cycle, of course, but you know. I'm kind of tired of it already. And it's not even as if my estrogen is very high. It has been 25, 112, 212, 351 and 445 yesterday (assuming I'm looking at the right set of numbers - Big Clinic uses two scales, and it's hard to tell which is the usual scale).

Anyhoo, I have acupuncture this afternoon, so hopefully that will help. And I have plenty of naps planned for my future so that is always a good thing to do.


Celeste said...

Excellent news - glad you felt good about your u/s today!

Those medicated cycles sure do provoke ill feeling, though, so I hope your acu appt was great and that you have a restful night.

June Bug Momma said...

WONDERFUL SARAH!:o) I like the happy talk! Hope it keeps getting happier!

calliope said...

hurrah for great scans!!
hope you are able to loll about this weekend and get some rest.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sarah, that's great news!
Keep up the good work.