Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hanging around aimlessly

Just hanging around New York today. You would think that I should be out enjoying my two days of real vacation in between ER and ET, but no. Instead I am consumed with errands such as booking my flight home, booking an acupuncture appointment, taking a bag of clothes to the UPS store to ship them home (thus making room in the suitcase for the shopping) and all that jazz. Besides, I just can't be arsed to go and sight see or anything like that. Lame, I know, but then I never promised to be anything BUT lame.

I decided to go home on Sunday, which gives me yet another day after transfer to rest, so I shall be lolling around the hotel from Thursday to Saturday, not doing very much at all. Well, I shall be filling in a questionnaire but that's hardly a lot of work. I am taking part in two research studies at Big Clinic this cycle (I was in one last time). Unfortunately, they're not the type of research studies we all want to be in, preferably sponsored by a drug company, where we get free meds or something. No, they do not bring me any benefit whatsoever but instead may benefit people in the future. In the first one (that I also participated in last time), they are taking the immature eggs that would otherwise be discarded, seeing if they can replace the nuclei with nuclei from egg donors (or at least, younger women) and seeing what happens. It might lead to some sort of hybrid donor egg type situation thing, which might be more palatable I guess. Or something. To be honest, I didn't even read the consent form this time around so I have forgotten exactly what they are trying to do. The other study is on the impact of activity in the week after transfer on success rates. I don't have to actually modify what I do or am planning to do, but just have to document how much exercise I do, whether it is strenuous exercise or moderate exercise, any flights, how many hours I spend lying or sitting around, how many hours standing, etc. I am guessing that mine will come out as one of the more sedentary questionnaires! At least for those first few days, before I go home, although it will be interesting to see what impact the flights have on those of us that travel for our cycles.

I am still a bit undecided on whether to transfer all 5 embryos or not (assuming they are all still alive tomorrow, of course). I think on balance that I will do it if they let me. I mean, with my history of dismal failures I hardly think I am at risk of higher order multiples so it's probably a risk worth taking. And I just want it to work this time, damn it! But I shall see what the RE and embryologist say tomorrow. If they strenuously argue against it, then I will transfer fewer. I can take a hint sometimes, you know!

And just a quick final word - thank you for all your kind words and good luck wishes! I think they help, I really do, so I am very grateful for them. Mwah! Smoochies to you all!


Yodasmistress said...

I think it is really wonderful that you are participating in research studies that won't benefit you! My husband had the opportunity to participate in a study after he was first diagnosed with Buerger's Disease and I couldn't get him to fill out the questionaires. I got really mad at him for being so selfish and filled them out for him (making him give me answers that I didn't know). I say Kudos to you for being a decent human being!

June Bug Momma said...

Kudos to you for participating in a study that is of no beneft to you. Interesting study!!

I do think it's wonderful that you are not rushing to get back home and chilling an xtra day so you can relax a bit more. Oh...make sure you check out with all your personal items this time. :o)

I'm thinking positive thoughts for your 5 fertilized embies, hoping they are cleaving & dividing nicely right now!!

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping all five of your sweet little embies are live and well tomorrow.
And, ummm, I didn't think I'd EVER be at risk for HOM either. ;)

But really, out of the five that I transferred, only two were good. The splitting was just a fluke of nature nobody could have predictded. If I had to do it over again, I would still transfer five.

Oh, Sarah, I have EVERYTHING crossed for you, that you finally get the baby(ies) that you've been praying for. I'm there with you in spirit.

serenity said...

You know, every time I go to New York I end up bumming around the city, not really doing much - it's very relaxing, actually. I'm glad you're taking an extra day to chill.

And no matter how many you decide to transfer tomorrow... I have my fingers tightly crossed for you Sarah. Hoping really HARD for you!!!


calliope said...

Just being IN the city is fun- no need to DO anything.

Love that you are shipping clothes back. Very clever.

Am thinking of you and can't wait to hear what happens next!


Kim said...

I'm hoping and praying that tomorrow brings good news.

Jules said...

Good luck....I hope that everything goes well for you.