Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tofurkey day

Well, it was a lot of fun seeing the parade balloons, but I definitely underestimated just how many kids there would be there. The place was overrun with the little, darlings. My ovaries had started to hurt as well, so walking around was a bit difficult. Then I got the call to go to Big Clinic in the morning, so there went the vague plans I had to actually see the parade itself. No way in hell was I going to go through morning monitoring and then make it to within a mile of the parade route by 9am. No matter, IVF is more important!

The wanding went back to being unsatisfactory. Today's RE is of the "only measure the top 2 follicles on each side" school. So I know that my largest is 15.5mm and the next largest is 15mm and not much else. I definitely saw three follicles on the left, and wasn't sure on the right. Maybe 4, maybe 5. Whatever. I had a nice cushy lining too so it's all chugging along. The RE said that he thought it would be a couple more days, which is fine by me.

I know my estrogen must be rising too, because holy EWCM batman! That particular side effect has hit!

Thanksgiving itself has been a bit blah. I always really enjoy our Thanksgiving picnic in Miami, and it makes me sad to miss it. But it turned into a small one anyway, as my cousin is away, my aunt's husband just had surgery and various other people are away (including me, of course). So maybe I'm not missing so much after all. Still, I'd rather not be here alone watching TV but I know that this was the only month that worked out for IVF for the remainder of the year so there wasn't much of a choice in the matter. I hope everyone else out there is having a good one.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, it sounds like things are going well for this cycle. Fingers crossed here for the perfect outcome this time.

Rachel said...

I hope things continue to go well for you. Hope the lonely Thanksgiving proves fruitful.

And it's always so hard to remember how many kids go to fun things. I always forget that too.