Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wand me baby, one more time

Hey! Guess what? They wanted me to stay on the same meds last night. Am I good at predicting things, or what? But they also wanted me in today for an ultrasound and bloodwork, so the estrogen level must have been climbing a bit. And when I saw it on the screen this morning, it had indeed climbed - from 29 or so to 199.

So I am now duly wanded, and I have to say, I find the ultrasounds at Big Clinic deeply unsatisfying. Not that I expect that kind of satisfaction from a dildocam. Ahem. No, I want to see measurements, I want every follicle lovingly counted and quantified. I want every follicle to matter. No such luck. I mean, sure, you have an RE do the ultrasound, which was not the case at my old clinic, but the RE spends as little time as humanly possible in the room and only measures the biggest follicles. So I had two on the right and two on the left measured. The biggest is 13.5mm, I had two at 11pointsomething and one at 10pointsomething. And then there were a few more - how many? How big? Don't know. I got a glimpse of maybe 3 more on the right, and maybe 4 more on the left but it was so hard to see in the nanosecond of time available to me.

13.5 is a tad bigger than I would like, especially if I have a few under 10mm. But it's not outrageously big so hopefully it won't take off and become monstrously large and dominant like usual. Hopefully long lupron is doing its job and the big one won't overwhelm the smaller ones. In all, I'm fairly pleased at how it is going.

And my prediction for today's instructions? I'm going with dropping the follistim to 225 iu (or maybe staying at 300), keeping the menopur at 150 iu and back on Thursday for the next ultrasound.


Care said...

It would drive me crazy to not know all the details - I am such a detail person. I'm glad things are going well this cycle....hope the next wanding is a bit more satisfying, in an informational sort of way.

June Bug Momma said...

Sarah- Looking good!! I hope your follies keep progressing nicely and evenly! Meanwhile, I will be waving the magic wand for you! Good Luck!!! ;o)

Calliope said...

madness! it is almost the same at NEC- except there you don't even have a monitor to peek at.

sounds like you are off to a great start!! woo hooo!