Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Irritable? Moi?

OK, so the flowyness kept going and it really was officially CD1 yesterday. So that was the right call. I am actually getting rather nervous about my ultrasound tomorrow morning. I never used to be, but after that whole monster cyst/cancellation debacle, I don't take them for granted any more. Especially after I've already booked the flight! So, if you're the praying type, please pray for lots of antral follicles and no cysts!

I'm fairly headachy again today, so that's annoying, but overall I really can't complain about the lupron too much this time. I mean, sure, the cat has been shouted at more than she usually gets shouted at during PMS time but she is a particularly whiny cat sometimes, so it probably evens out. And she's gone back to having a pooping on the floor habit, which is irritating beyond belief. [Wait? Did I just say the lupron wasn't affecting me much?] I'm going to have to go and get my 6th or 7th litter maid self-cleaning box, as that's the only thing that works. Unfortunately, only 2 of those litter boxes had a motor that didn't burn out within weeks, and they cost $120 a pop, so every time one burns out I always think I'll just try to keep going with manual scooping and hope for the best. I've tried scooping twice per day, and even bought her a second litter box because I read that cats like to poop separately from where they pee. So what does she do? Pee in both boxes, and then if there's a single pee in a box, she won't use it to poop in but goes on the floor. And if she'd just poop at the same time every day I could make sure it was clean before then, but no such luck on that score. If only I didn't, you know, have to go out to work, and oh yeah, sleep, I could scoop instantly every time she pees and her highness wouldn't be tempted by the laminate flooring. Thank God it is laminate flooring by the way, and not carpet!

Whoa, where did that little rant come from? Ahem. Loopy lupron, nice to make your acquaintance.


bleu said...

Where the hell are you buying them from that you can't return for another???????? Buy them at Target or somewhere with a 90 day return policy woman.

I am doing the Lupron bitch these days as well.

I am thinking of you though.

Kim said...

Hope your u/s goes well tomorrow. And that SUCKS about the kitty & litter box; sometimes I firmly believe that cats are evil minions who deliberately try to make our lives miserable.

calliope said...

ugh...the out of town litter box drama. My kitty got her revenge on me by hacking up cat food/hairball combos in random places. They really don't like it when their Person goes out of town.

We had a nice model for GM's kitty- it was round. Have you seen that one?? It worked really well but didn't survive the move.

Yodasmistress said...

I have two cats. One will literally dig through her own poo to go. The other basically refuses to use either of the two boxes if they are soiled at all. Luckily he's mostly an outdoor cat and so likes to go outside. If, however, he is trapped inside for more than a few hours (while he's awake) then I'm more than likely to find a pile of poo hidden in a pile of laundry. I *really* hate that.