Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More telling bone

Yet more telephone time. I got a call from the pharmacy yesterday that my insurance had expired. When it is brand, spanking new insurance, actually. It should not have expired. However, when I reached into my capacious work/schlepping shit around handbag to grab my wallet so I could find the insurance card and call to complain I realized that my wallet was still sitting on the table at home in the teeny handbag I use for all non-work/schlepping shit around situations. Great.

So I called this morning, after reuniting myself with my wallet, and was told that the insurance wasn't expired, but the pharmacy probably called the wrong B.lue S.hield and they need to call a different number. Except I gave the pharmacy the damn number on the back of the card so I'm not quite sure what is going on. But now I know, eh? Pharmacies don't get to use the "provider inquiry" number, but a separate prescription checking number. That is NOT on the back of the card. Riiight. It all adds yet more to my already huge love of insurance companies. Not that they're going to cover the fertility medication, but they might cover an antibiotic or two later in the cycle. And they damn well better cover the large quantity of valium that I'm going to demand.

Effing insurance companies.

Oh, wait, the pharmacy just called back. They allegedly do cover the medication I am ordering! Except my "co-pay" is more expensive than paying the regular price that the discount pharmacy offers. Excellent. How nice of them - pretend to cover certain medications but actually charge more for them!

Anyhoo, I spent some time checking out fun things to do in NY while I am there, and I have signed myself up for a facial on Tuesday. I had a facial on my last coculture trip, so I have decided that it is my "tradition" and I'm sticking with it. Except this time I am going to an organic spa so there will be no nasty chemicals near my skin. And no, I really can't afford to be wasting money on a facial, but if I'm going to be raiding my savings for a large wodge of cash, I may as well build in a few extras so I can have a hope of relaxing a little bit, no?


calliope said...

oy! how frustrating with the pharmacy/insurance.
& I know this makes me a bad person- but I am going to suggest that you get the antibiotics and other meds at Walmart. They are SERIOUSLY cheap there. (I was told by shrafts to go there)

Also- I am going to send you a link to a very, very groovy spa for you to check out.

getting excited for you!

Kim said...

Good grief, the time has flown! I can't believe it's already time for you to get started. Thinking of you, and hoping for the best.

katty said...

I had a couple of IUIs in New York... and I managed to factor in a LOT of food, a LOT of shopping, a luxury pedicure, a massage and a (terrible) haircut.
Enjoy is what I say.

Hoping for the best, too.

June Bug Momma said...

I think it is key to treat yourself nicely and pamper yourself during our IVF cycle. It will definitely help you relax :o)

My insurance company did pay for my antibiotics and Lupron! Lupron is not just a fertility med. lol..