Monday, December 03, 2007

Oh the dreams

There's one side effect from all the crazy hormones that I actually don't mind during IVF cycles, and that's the weird dreams. OK, so I may be odd, but it's quite entertaining not knowing what bizarro dreams I'm going to have when I get to bed at night. I quite enjoy them, really. Not that I could tell you exactly what I have been dreaming each night, as I don't remember. Just that they have been weird.

Except last night, I do remember some things. Now, the crazy dreaming may also have had something to do with the fact that I didn't arrive back home until 9.30pm and then immediately got a Chinese takeout. And I tried to stay up a little bit so that I would have some time to digest my food, but I was tired. So I probably was digesting food way too late. But having said that, it's probably the hormones that are driving things.

So, where was I? Oh yes, there I was, enjoying some weird episode or other, and I dreamt that there was a man standing over my bed. Which caused me to immediately scissor upwards - sticking my head up to see the man properly and to be able to turn the light on and realize there was no man there after all, and obviously, sticking my legs up to kick the fucker square on the chin. Hey, watch out intruders if you ever do get in for reals. But the act of such sudden scissoring caused me a nasty cramp in my lower belly which I then bitterly regretted for a few minutes before calming myself down that acrobatic maneuvers probably didn't dislodge the embryos after all.

But then once I fell asleep again I had a nice dream, involving that guy who played Denny on Gr*y's Anatomy. Not that I found him attractive while the show was on, and in fact, kept wondering what Izzy saw in the guy, but I saw him in a trailer for something or other the other day and suddenly realized what the fuss was all about. And unfortunately, we were just getting it on when my damn alarm went off. Maybe tomorrow my timing will be better.

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June Bug Momma said...

LMAO!!! Sarah your dreams are a riot!! I will not even begin to tell you my insane dreams! I am way too embarrassed. AND I will be happy to let you know that..these dreams of mine took place when I was pregnant! ;o) I have very high hopes for you!!