Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cafe con leche is my friend

I suppose the only good thing about a negative result from an IVF is that it gives you a window of opportunity to eat and drink all the things you were forbidding yourself.  I have now drunk approximately 12 gallons of wine, several liters of fully loaded coffee, eaten 5 crates of Dibs (my new food obsession), munched a few yards worth of pizza and have generally been appallingly behaved.  The upshot of this is that I've put back on all the weight that I lost in preparation for the last cycle, I have a face full of zits, bleary eyes, stinky coffee breath and could probably jog no more than 3 yards before expiring.

Thus I am perfectly set up for Christmas photo opportunities!  But damn, it has been enjoyable. In fact, this morning as I was standing in line at the Cuban coffee place with the thumping music blaring out of the speakers, I thought how nice it was to be a real member of society again.  A coffee-swilling, boozing, chocolate-inhaling lazy slob of a member of society.  Aaaah, it feels good to be human again.  And hot damn, Cuban coffee is goooood.

But!  No more.  Once I am home from my Christmas visit to the family I shall become sainted again.  Well, it shall actually start while I am with the family, because the US side of my family never quite falls into the depths of food-related depravity like I do, and besides my grandpa is visiting and I will have to drive him around.  There's nothing quite like a beady-eyed nonagenarian who wants to make sure he doesn't die due to a drunken driver to put you off your wine.  Well, no, actually it doesn't put me off, but does make for arguments about how much I've had to drink and THAT puts me off my wine.  

So, a few more days of heady indulgence before my body goes back to being a temple.  Sigh. Though given that I don't need my eggs for a frozen transfer I shall probably still be drinking wine on a regular basis.  Just maybe not a liter or two a night.  Besides, I've been on the birth control pills for a few days with nary a side effect, and I credit that to the high level of booze that has been wafting through my veins at all times.  So I may have to continue just to spare the world from the appearance of psycho bitch from hell.

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Almamay said...

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.