Sunday, December 09, 2007

13 days post egg retrieval

13 days post egg retrieval

Never one to let a sleeping test lie, I of course took apart yesterday's test to investigate further under the brightest light I have in the house. At certain angles, if you de-focused your eyes and held it just so, there was the merest whisper of a vanishingly faint suggestion of an accumulation of dye where the second line might want to hang out. And after 3 hours further drying/development time I thought a fellow eagle-eyed TTCer might also be able to see it. Not a normal person, though. You'd really have to want to see it, and need to have had lots of practice with tests to pick it up.

Having been chastised earlier in the day for buying crap tests (a first response and a CVS digital) I did buy another brand (fact plus) yesterday so this morning I attacked my pee with three sticks in hand.

The digital of course said "Not Pregnant" in that nasty way we all hate in the bleary eyed morning. Of course.

But you know, I do declare that the other two have faint second lines. And I mean FAINT. Super faint. I'm not sure how successful a photo would be at picking them up, they're that feeble, but I might try later after further drying (assuming the lines don't evaporate, that is).

Let's just say that I'm keeping the drowning-my-sorrows vodka on ice for one more day.


Anne in Central Fla said...

A line is a line!!! Digitals are notoriously late for picking up anything. Let me be the first to say CONGRATS!

Stephanie said...

I got out of bed this morning with the specific purpose of reading your blog!!

(Oh, and I have to go to work but, your blog was a great incentive to actually get UP!)

I'm crossing my fingers for you!!

(And, I can't wait to see pics!)

Care said...

Ooooohhhh, that is a good development! I'm going to be cautiously optomistic for you - and hope you won't need that vodka after all.

Cindy said...

Ah, forget the digital. Those are sooo not accurate. But....a line is a line! Congrats on that!

Celeste said...

Oh Sarah... don't you love that WILLING OF SECOND LINE? ugh for that part!

But as for the latter part of the post, I am buckled up and riding this roller coaster with you! I am ready for dark, solid second lines to appear before your eyes!! Fingers are crossed so tightly over here! Tomorrow's the beta, right?

calliope said...

JUST now able to get online & yours was the first place I ran to.

My belly did a hopeful flip for you. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

& digital tests can kiss my ass!! Eff 'em!

how is the boob poke test this morning?!?!?!?

oh fucking PLEASE be knocked up!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well, I know I sound like a broken record, but I didn't even have a faint line at 13dpo. It wasn't until 14dpo that I could see anything. And you KNOW I was looking with an eagle eye. AND I had three babies in there. So I think that's a really good sign. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

June Bug Momma said...

I will say a little prayer for you tonight and hope that the lines get darker with each POAS, and that there will not be another alcoholic beverage consumed for 9 months!

Mommy Someday said...

Crossing my fingers for you! My first positive HPT had just a hint of a line...DH couldn't see it, but I could. It got steadily darker each day. By the time I had my first Beta the number was only 53, which means when my HPT turned positive, my number was REALLY low..probably down around 10 or 15. Good luck!!!!

Marcy "meg" said...

My first test was very faint too and they got darker each day. I hope this is it for you!!!!