Sunday, December 09, 2007


Posting from my Blackberry really does a number on the blog formatting. Ugh. And it'll take a week before it gets back to normal. I know, I know, I should have bought myself a new laptop for home before now so I could post properly, but I didn't, so shoot me. Please bear with me while I have an ugly blog. Oh, OK, for all you fancy types that have got nice banners and things, uglier than normal.

I took some photos of my tests, but you can't see a second line in any of them. So there's no point posting really. You'll just have to trust me. God, I hope tomorrow brings a nicer second line and a fabulous beta.

I spent much of the day today spending an obscene amount of money on new clothes. Now, you may think that having had a potentially good HPT I would not immediately rush out and buy things that I hope won't fit me in a couple of months. But you'd be wrong. It's kind of like the theory I have that if you go out with your umbrella, it won't rain. If I hold off from buying new clothes, I won't be pregnant, but if I do buy them, well, hopefully I'll get the result I am praying for. But do I go out and buy one new pair of pants or maybe one top? Nooo, I ended up buying two pairs of knickers, two camisoles, a pair of pants, a sweater, a silk top, a jacket, a necklace and a pair of shoes. Yup, I really did spend an obscene amount of money. The silk top was a steal at $29.95, marked down from $128 but apart from the pants being on sale everything else was, uh, not a steal. Oh well. It was good retail therapy.

Anyway, in lieu of pictures of pregnancy tests, here are my lovely new shoes! They are a deep red color and oh-so-shiny!


Better shoe views here without my feet in the way.


Almamay said...

Been there done that but didn't buy such killer heals as you have. They are simply sublime! I hope in a couple of months time your preggy feet can't fit into them and you have to lend them to me till my (hopefully soon to be preggy feet) don't fit into them. Still hoping for a BFP for you lovely girl.

bleu said...

I am eating instead of shopping.
Did you pose against a wall in the pic? I hope they didn't scuff, they are so puurty and shiny!

Much luv.

Gabby said...

I love the shiny shoes but I love the line on the HPT. Lots of fingers crossed it keeps getting darker and darker!

calliope said...