Thursday, December 13, 2007

Liver talk

Hello world!

This is Liver posting. I have taken over control of Fingers from Brain so I can work this computer thing. I am not very happy with Brain today, because last night she poisoned me mercilessly with that red wine stuff. I am all clogged up and having to work overtime to clear all the toxins, and it's just not fair, I tell you. Nor am I very happy with Ovaries, because they are the reason that Brain felt the need to poison me in order to protect Heart from feeling all the hurt. I suspect that Brain wanted to check out too because she was having to do too much thinking. Who was thinking of me though? Always having to clean up after everyone else's messes? Nobody, that's who.

Most of the time we all coexist fairly peacably - in recent years Brain has curbed the excesses she used to put me through, what with the late night partying and the coffee drinking. I know Heart wasn't too happy with all that, as she used to enjoy going out and having fun but we all agreed that having a baby was more important than all that. But it means that I am just not used to handling so much alcohol all at once any more, so it freakin' annoys me that they can't get their act together and have just one glass and call it a day. I know Skull is also pretty unhappy today as I feel this dull pounding from all her whining and complaining. Eyes tell me that they feel pretty gritty too, and Kidneys are starting to complain as well. I mean, sure, Eyes had a lot of work to do yesterday, what with the crying and all, but I think all those other organs are just prima donnas when it's always me having to do the lion's share of the work.

I will get my revenge though. I know that Brain has been assigned a lot of extra work trying to figure out what we're all going to do next. Ha ha, I know, I'll send up a bout of biliousness every time she thinks about Ovaries' failure to produce any good eggs lately. That'll teach her.

Humph. Wish I could control Fingers more often. It'd be nice to bypass everyone else's complaints about having a shot of wheatgrass every now and then to keep myself ticking along. Mind you, Gag reflex would probably still get in my way though, and it might be too much for me to control all those systems at once. A Liver can only do so much, after all.

OK, better go. Gotta make some more cholesterol from that fatty cheese that got eaten along with the wine. There's never any rest for me around here.



Amy said...

Very witty! LOL I love it!

Melissa said...

I'm proud of you for being able to post are strong enough to get through all of this!

calliope said...

You awe me.

Please send my regards to your Liver and my love to your heart.


Anonymous said...

I would offer a liver transplant, but mine is probably similarly marinated!


Anonymous said...

hugs to you.

Waiting Amy said...

I'm amazed at your wit and charm! Very clever.

Sorry for your disappointment. That "last" cycle is a tough one to go though. Hoping peace heads your way soon.

Katarina Jelly Beana said...

Oh Liver. Such wisdom. Good luck with processing the buckets of booze sure to come your way.

(in all seriousness, I'm so sorry. stupid beta. stupid 6.)


Deb2You2 said...

Just been thinking about you all day and how much this process sucks, especially on the last cycle, or the last last cycle. Numbing booze is a good outlet until the piercing internal pain dulls a bit on its own in time, regardless what liver has to say about it. And, how I think it is like pouring salt into a open flesh wound when they make you go back for a repeat beta like that. It dropped from 16 to 6 in 2 days. Why don't you just let me stop meds and let you know if I don't get my f'ing period in a week. Anyway, like I said, you've just been in my mind. Deb

June Bug Momma said...

{{{{{{Sarah}}}}}}} You are such a strong gal to endure all that you have gone through. I really admire you for your strength, devotion and persistancy.

I just love your humor/wit! :o)

*huge hugs*