Friday, June 30, 2006

Crawling out of the pit. Maybe.

I'm feeling a bit better today. Hopefully I can keep the better mood going through the weekend.

K. and I managed to apologize to one another without ruining it on the third attempt. And then we actually managed to have a relatively normal conversation. She admitted I was right about a few things, so that made me feel less irrational. And when I was leaving the office to go to my acupuncture appointment, K. was having an argument with another staff member which made me chortle because it kind of proves my point that she is being difficult and hormonal and it's not all me. Phew.

Then acu went well. I told them I'd become the psycho bitch from hell, and that I couldn't handle it much longer. So they did LOTS of calming acupuncture points, and changed up my herbs again to try to help. And I have definitely felt calmer since that session. They were so nice to me, especially since my appointment was actually on Wednesday and I'd completely forgotten about it. Ooops! Brain fog! So they were nice to begin with by including me on Thursday after normal appointment hours, and then just being super understanding about the hormonal crap.

I stopped off at the pharmacy on my way home to pick up my second packet of BCPs which I started today. And I started pondering on whether maybe the last packet I had was "off" in some way, that maybe it was too strong or something. Or had an impurity in it. I know, I know, that sort of thing shouldn't happen, but I'm going to pin my hopes on the second packet being better. Because I didn't have any problems with the same brand of BCPs the last time I took them so I don't know why they've been affecting me so much this time.

And then I stopped at Winn Dixie, and picked up some Bolthouse Green Goodness which CJ told me about at dinner on Sunday. And she'd heard about it from Hope Float's blog via FF, and hey, if it helped someone have a successful IVF cycle because it contains all sorts of good stuff like wheat grass, spirulina, pineapple juice, etc, it's got to be good stuff, right? So, like the good desperate infertile copycat that I am, I vow to drink 8oz of Green Goodness every day through this next IVF cycle in the hope that it'll help my eggs.

Ahem, and I got some more ice cream. But no more! Promise! Brownie's Honor! And I'm having a decent cup of coffee today, but I figure it can be my Friday treat so I have one cup a week and have that to look forward to when I'm feeling cranky.

So I'm trying, I really am. All it needs is getting through today without snapping at anyone, for England to win their World Cup game against Portugal tomorrow morning, and you never know, I might get myself in a good mood if I concentrate hard enough. And click my heels together three times.


Calliope said...

you sound great!!!
I think the clouds are parting. woo hoo.

ha on seeing K having an argument with someone else. I never really thought you were the 'problem' anyhow ;-)

& yes, let's just say that the 1st bcp packet was off & this new packet will be the mellow kind.

hope you have a fab weekend!! I'll wave at you from the other side of your State.

CJ said...

lol - I still have my bolthouse in the fridge. Haven't actually cracked the bottle yet! But shhhhhh don't tell anyone.