Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hammered, part 2

I spoke to P. on the phone, who told me that we did actually go out to eat to a pizza place. I had three bites of mine, and wandered off to throw up outside. At which point a guy ambled up to him, asking if he was going to eat the rest of my pizza. So P. sold him it for $1!

And apparently earlier in the evening I had told the head of our department that I refused to meet their performance targets as they were completely unreasonable.

I have no memory of any of this - clearly not my finest hour. ;) Not quite sure what I'm still doing alive, but at least P. was amused by the evening as he hasn't ever seen me that drunk.

Regularly scheduled TTC saintliness will resume shortly.

1 comment:

margieinaz said...

Oh, Sarah, I'm laughing out loud.
I hope you're feeling better today.