Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sperm shopping

So, previously my donor was showing that no vials were left, but when I checked the bank's website yesterday, it said that a limited number of vials were currently available. I called this morning, and was told they have 2 vials available. Only two! But of precisely the type that I want, which is pre-washed A.R.T. vials. The A.R.T. vials are vials with fewer motile sperm that you are only supposed to use for IVF. But they are cheaper because they don't have as many of the little guys as the other vials, and as I am doing IVF with ICSI, they are perfect for me.

But I couldn't buy them! My doctor permission form, where my doctor has to sign that I am authorized to buy sperm (let's not go there on how freaking bizarre it is that I have to have permission to buy this stuff) has expired. Yes, expired, because I've been at this for too long, and even if it wasn't expired, the form was the bank's old type that doesn't list the A.R.T. vials on it because they were only introduced within the last year. I'd conveniently put this to the back of my mind, because even though last time I ordered sperm they did tell me this, they said that they'd let me order just once more without updating the form. And then what with the no vials remaining thing, I thought I was done ordering from this donor so I conveniently forgot the whole new form requirement. I was even debating changing to a different sperm bank. But as my one plucky little frozen embryo is waiting for me in the freezer, I figure I now have to keep trying with the same donor so I don't end up with different baby daddies. So I kept checking the website every few days, even though I do have one vial left at the doctor's that they will use for the next cycle, but they like to have at least one backup vial in case something goes wrong during the thaw process.

Now I have the two vials at the bank on a temporary hold until Thursday, and I have a call in to the doctor's office to try to get them to sign the correct form and fax it to the bank in time. You'd think two days would be plenty of time, but I'm afraid it won't be. I'm afraid the nurses won't pick up my phone message until late today, they won't have the correct form, they won't put it in front of a doctor to sign quickly enough, and then they won't fax it through quickly enough, because it won't seem urgent to them. In short, I'm worried that I won't get the damn vials. I mean, hopefully I can just put a second temporary hold on if this one expires on Thursday but it's funny how much stress a little crazy bureaucracy can introduce into an otherwise nice day.

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Calliope said...

I hope a nice, friendly nurse returns the call promptly. But I hope she doesn't then ask you for your credit card #