Saturday, June 24, 2006

Lazy lazy lazy day

I think I could definitely win a medal in the lazy olympics if there was one. Today I have skipped yoga because it was just too much effort, I went back to bed after breakfast, and slept until 2pm, managed to haul my ass out of the house to run two errands, and then came back and lazed around all afternoon reading Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. For the umpteenth time. Don't even imagine that I've showered, though I did at least manage to clean my teeth before leaving the house, just in case you were wondering. And now my friend P. wants to go out this evening and I just feel too lazy to care. Even if I didn't have to shower before going out it just all seems to be too much effort. I'd have to put jeans on. I'd have to comb my hair. There'd be makeup and uncomfortable shoes. I'd have to find a top that actually fits and which shows just the right amount of cleavage. I know, it's Saturday night, I really should make the effort. But honestly, my bed is much more appealing. And I wonder why I'm still single? As P. says, you've got to advertise to make the sale, and I do precious little advertising.

I think I'm going to blame my laziness on the lack of caffeine, because I have stuck to my decision to give up, and haven't had any today. I was clearly running on the stuff because honestly I could nap right now. Well, let's be entirely honest. I could go to bed right now and not get up until tomorrow morning, and I don't think 12 hours of sleep exactly qualifies as a nap. I think "out cold" might be a better description.

Nighty-night, everyone.

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