Monday, June 12, 2006

Bad wishes

Is it wrong to wish for bad things to happen to good people?

OK, that's a rhetorical question. I do know the right answer. But I can't help but wish.

My aunt called yesterday. My dear, wonderful, surrogate mom, fabulous, best friend I have in the world, cool aunt. I love her to death. She told me how she'd been in a very sour mood all day (hah! Maybe we are secretly psychic?!). But her sour mood was mostly caused because one of her no-good stepdaughters was moving in, with her 2 dogs and 3 cats, and pack a day smoking habit, as she is in-between houses. However, we know that this is not going to be a quick visit. Said no-good stepdaughter is a bit of a trust fund baby, and doesn't really work. Ever. I mean, she'll have a "job" every now and then, which might involve staging a friend's house for selling it, or some other equally involved and responsible thing. Well, she had this brilliant scheme to sell her house in Miami, which has appreciated hugely in value to about $800k, and then buy somewhere in North Carolina where her best friend lives for about $200-300k, and live off the proceeds. Quite how long she can last on that, I don't know, as being a good trust fund baby, she can blow through money pretty darn quickly.

And of course as a general dilettante, she hasn't actually looked for a house in North Carolina yet. Sure, she's emailed a realtor up there. She's dabbled with a bit of internet searching. She's asked her friend about good places to live. But there's been no actual serious effort going on at house-hunting. She hasn't even gone for a visit. So, while my aunt's husband thinks that his daughter will be in residence for a couple of weeks, we know better. My aunt's just worried about Christmas at this rate, and whether she'll have to get a divorce over it if she can't cope with it for very long.

So, my dear aunt said that she may be visiting me quite a lot over the next few months, to spend some quality niece-and-aunt time. She feels the need for bonding sessions with me, trips to England, out-of-state continuing education courses for her job, etc. Basically any trip that will get her out of the house. And of course my mind immediately leapt to my upcoming IVF, and the hope that maybe she'll come and stay for my egg retrieval, and drive me to the clinic. Maybe even my embryo transfer too. But in order for this to happen, I have to hope that the no-good stepdaughter is still in residence in 7 or 8 weeks time. And that my aunt's business isn't very busy so that she can easily take time off mid-week. Is it so wrong for me to hope that my aunt will have to endure the misery of her stepdaughter for two long months, AND that she'll be as poor as a church mouse because she's got no business, just so she can drive me to my ER?

I know, I'm a bad person. Some days I just can't help myself.

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Calliope said...

are you kidding?? that doesn't make you a bad person at all! I think your Aunt would be so flattered that you would want her to be there for you. Can you go ahead & ask her now to pencil in the time???