Friday, June 16, 2006

Drugs, drugs, drugs!

I ordered my meds today for my IVF cycle, so I'm moving along! As soon as I got into work, I checked that I'd been paid, transferred money to my credit card, and then called the pharmacy. They will be delivering on Tuesday, so I'm going to spend the morning "working" at home so I can wait for the box, as I don't want to leave the drugs sitting on my doorstep in the Florida heat all day. The grand total is $2133.04. It was going to be $2133.94 but the pharmacy just called me back and told me that they weren't able to include the valium (well, its generic equivalent) in the shipment because they were sending it from Texas, and Texas doesn't let them send valium out of state. Last time they shipped it to me from Missouri and were able to ship the valium to me. How strange it is to be in a country where laws like that vary so much from state to state. And how strange that when they received a prescription with valium on it they didn't process it in their Missouri branch rather than Texas when they must have known that they wouldn't be able to fully complete it from Texas. Anyhoo, I didn't even need the valium because I have two tablets left over from last cycle which is enough to get me nice and spacey for my embryo transfer so I told them to just cross it off the list.

Its also funny how my insurance will cover anything that has any use other than fertility, so it'll pay for my lupron, antibiotics, steroids and valium, but not the fertility meds. Which of course are the expensive ones! I won't go on today on how irritated I am that infertility, which is a disease and recognized medical condition by the way, is an optional add-on for health insurance. I could get viagra on insurance, which seems pretty optional to me, but I guess if you're male maybe you think that having a good sex life is not optional because you're driven to it. As a female, I think having a child is not optional because I am driven to it. And yet there's that old inequality thing. I guess it's to do with the fact fertility treatments are so expensive, that employers just don't want to have to pay for it. Well, gee, thanks insurance companies and employers across this fine country, just let your employees take the additional financial burden on top of the stress that infertility causes anyway. Way to go, guys, thanks for piling more pain on top of us. Oooh-rah!

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