Tuesday, June 27, 2006


No, my friendly neighborhood crab isn't back in my swimming pool. I'm talking about me. I am the queen of crab at the moment. I have been in the foulest moods lately and I just can't snap out of it. I need a Cher slap like she does in Moonstruck. The only days I am remotely normal is when I can stay inside and not talk to anyone, like last Saturday, but even then the poor cat gets snapped at far more often than she should. Sunday wasn't bad either, because I got to hang out with some of my internet buddies who are all fab, AND England won their football match. But other than those bright spots, it's like I have a permanent case of PMS. I think I'll have to get a T-shirt made or something to warn people. Something with "warning - rampaging hormones" written in large dayglo letters, perhaps.

Giving up the coffee hasn't really helped my irritability yet. It's just made me yearn for coffee. I think it's due to the BCPs, but I can't be sure. I mean, I have spent years, nay decades, of my adult life on and off BCPs and I don't remember it having this effect. Or maybe that's why I'm still single - maybe I grumped around so much my boyfriends couldn't take it any more? I even took the same brand of pills for the last IVF, but I took them at night before going to bed, so maybe I just had really bad tempered dreams and don't remember? This time I decided to take them in the morning as I wake up - does that explain why the full effect doesn't hit until I'm getting into work, or does it just mean that I really hate my job?

Oh well, 2 weeks and 5 days left on the delightful little pills. Me, counting down the hours? Surely not. But it's 19 more days of bad moods. Not including today. Will I get through the time period without reducing anyone to tears by snapping at them? Without being arrested for strangling my boss if he asks me one inane and irritating question too many? Without getting seriously depressed that this is dragging on for so long? Only time will tell. At least I have 6 weekend days and a national holiday out of those 19 so I can limit my exposure to idiots somewhat.

And I'd like to inform everyone that normally, I am the very picture of sweetness and light. Honestly. I promise. Well, OK, there's an occasional snapette at someone. A rare frown or other grumpy countenance may briefly mar my normally cheery outlook. But this is NOT LIKE ME! In fact, I'm annoying myself now...

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Calliope said...


you need to take a drive or go scream at the ocean- something to help you purge some of this bad mood.