Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Big ole box of fun

My IVF meds arrived this morning, and I almost had a heart attack when I looked at the packing slip and it said it included 13 vials of Follistim, not 26 vials. I instantly had visions of having to spend hours on the phone with the pharmacy trying to get the rest of the drugs, and going "no, you got it wrong, you sent me the wrong amount, I am not trying to get free drugs out of you." But luckily, they had sent the correct amount. Unluckily, they also charged me for the correct amount - it would have been so good to pay for 13 vials and get 26!

In other news, my friend K. has been in the hospital with pre-term labor, although she's now been released and they've managed to pretty much stop the contractions. But I've been having to cover her desk at work as well as my own, which has left me pretty frazzled. Man, that woman works hard! No wonder she's stressed out. Thankfully, today help has arrived from other people in the office so I've been able to slowly farm a few things out.


Calliope said...

so sorry about your friend-

BUT SOOOO THRILLED that your meds are in da house!!
woo hoooooo!!

Care said...

Yeah for the meds! Not so yeah on the big bill that comes with them. Hope your friends is doing okay.