Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy birthday, Grandpa!

I am still in a pretty good mood, despite England losing at the footie, so hopefully I have beaten the funk. Hopefully.

Called my grandpa today to wish him a happy birthday - he's 90 today! Way to go, grandpa! Of course, he doesn't really want to celebrate much since my granny died 18 months or so ago, but he went out to lunch with a friend today, is going out this evening for drinks at a neighbor's apartment and is going out to lunch with other friends tomorrow. I told him he had a much better social life than me, and that I was jealous. Unfortunately, it's true, but he insists this is only due to his birthday weekend. He wistfully hoped my brother would call and wish him a happy birthday, but we both knew it wasn't going to happen. I reminded my bro' by email a few days ago, and I'm not going to call him to remind him today. I'll only get accused of nagging. Though it saddens me greatly that my bro' can't spare 5 minutes for his only surviving grandparent's 90th birthday. All of us gave up on receiving cards or gifts from him years ago, but you'd have thought a phone call wouldn't be too hard. And sadly I'll be the only grandkid that calls today, as one of my cousins is currently in Laos having a grand old time touring around South East Asia, and the other one doesn't speak to us because we're evil (long story). What gets me even worse is that he has no family to be with him today, because my bro' is useless, my mom died, and my aunt, cousins and I are all over on this side of the pond and none of us could make it over this weekend, what with finances and other travel commitments coming up shortly. Grandpa has a few nieces and nephews in the UK still, but none of them live very near by. However, he said he'd got 22 cards so that's cool - he feels remembered even if we aren't there in person.

Of course, I'm also a bit sad that none of us grandkids have managed to provide any great-grandchildren yet and I'm wondering if I'll ever manage it before my last grandparent dies. Granny loved babies with a passion, and would have been over the moon to have great-grandbabies but sadly it was not to be. Oh well, the IVF's going to work this time, right, so I can tell grandpa soon that the great-grandbabies are on their way. And I'm sure granny's looking down on me and hoping with all her might that it's going to work soon - I often imagine my mom, granny and my other grandma looking after my babies for me, until the right time comes to send them on their journey. I just wish they weren't clinging on to them so tightly!

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