Monday, June 02, 2008

Surrounded by idiots

Exhibit 1: I joined this dieting website (linky on the bottom right, in the side bar) which is mostly fabulous. It has meal plans you can follow, although most people turn them off and just track calories on whatever they happen to be eating anyway. But occasionally someone will post about how they're having great difficulty following the plan because of reason "X". Last week (or was it the week before) someone posted about being allergic to milk and throwing it all back up again after following the meal plan. I assumed it was an aberration because after all, who would be idiotic enough to follow a meal plan containing something you know you're going to throw up, without substituting out that item for something you can eat? But it happened again today - someone posted how they are throwing up the milk, and how do you follow the plan? What are they - stoopid?

Exhibit 2: Where I work, we have to bill for our time spent on projects. Most of the time the bills are automatically generated, but sometimes we have to run one off separately. So the billing lady emails and says "get your time in for X project, filed on Y date, as I need to do a bill." Usually one is given a deadline for this, but we currently have an idiot billing lady. She emailed on Friday at 11am, without setting a deadline. As I'm a slacker, I didn't get my time into the computer until this morning at 10am, then I emailed her to say it was in. It turns out she generated the bill first thing this morning, before I got in. Without actually anybody's time out of the 5 that worked on the project being in the computer. I mean, wouldn't you think if you know the project was completed on Y date, that you'd check to see if somebody, anybody, had recorded their time for Y date? And if there wasn't any time for that day, or heck, even for the preceding week, you'd wonder what was up? Or, maybe email back the people that hadn't responded to you, and tell them to get their act in gear? Stoopid. So now she has to redo the bill. And, lest you think this is the first time it has happened, it is a regular occurence - at least now we've taught her to actually send an email, but she hasn't obviously realized why one would want to send an email.

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calliope said...

ok those idiots on your diet site are funny! I mean seriously.

& the billing lady? she's just dumb.

How are you living in a lupron world with these people?!