Monday, June 30, 2008


I have family from merrie olde Englande staying with me. I had to rush down to Miami to pick them up on Friday night, and then the entire weekend was a whirlwind of chauffeuring them around that fair city to show them the sights. Freakin' exhausting, I tell you. And what's exhausting on top of taking them around to places is trying to think up things that they might like to do, as they don't have a clue, apart from that they don't want to go to Orlando to go to any theme parks. But they do want to go to Walmart, Old Navy and White Castle. One of which I don't think we have around here. It's funny how all my English relatives want to visit Walmart - it's pretty much the one thing I can guarantee that they will want to do. Oh, and they want to go to the Keys and the Everglades. Both of which I think they'll have to do on their own, as they are a bit time consuming for me to fit around work, unless we take a weekend trip to the Keys. Which reminds me, I should look into hotels on Key West for Saturday night just in case.

Anyway, we finally got home on Sunday night, and I was able to check blogs and email after they went to bed. And was so surprised to see that life had only moved on 2 days since I last logged on. Time had stretched so long because we jammed so much in, that it felt like I had been away for a week.


calliope said...

cracking up that they want to go to Walmart & White Castle! Those crazy Brits.

You must be exhausted. Too bad there isn't something like relative day care where you can just park your guests and you can catch a break...

Aimee & Hannah said...

I hope you're enjoying your time with your fam. Walmart!? LMAO!!!