Monday, June 02, 2008


I found an eco friendly school bag. At 40% off!

I was reading Treehugger as I do most days, and they had some blurb about these backpacks that are made of recycled materials. So I clicky-clickied and read about them. I quite liked one of the backpacks, although it's not switchable between a messenger and a backpack. But then I found it at 40% off, which made it irresistible. And it is free shipping to boot. It says: "This pack is so user and eco friendly that it won the green gear award from Outside magazine for 2007."

Score! Who needs a fancy messenger type dealie? Not me. Not when it would have cost $125 more for the privilege.


Meg said...

Groovy bag!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Which color did you get?


Aimee & Hannah said...

Sarah- I think it's so wonderful that you are going back to school and getting into a career that you will really enjoy! I really admire your drive and motivation!