Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pleasantly Surprised by People

No IVF news today. Just hoping for good embryo growth. I should get a call tomorrow, though, so keep your fingers crossed. And thanks for all the woo-hoo's! :)

But, I wanted to post about how some people at work have pleasantly surprised me in the last few days. Specifically over the issue of gay marriage in California. I was in the lunchroom yesterday, and one woman picked the newspaper up and Tsk'ed loudly and said "ugh, look at all this on gay marriages". I was over at a different table (being antisocial, as I usually am) and my bigotry radar immediately started up. I tuned in, preparing to leap to the defense of anyone who just wants to marry the love of their life, and how it just does NOT destroy the sanctity of anyone else's marriage. Well, the other women at the table changed the subject. So the first woman tried again, with another loud Tsk, and again was ignored. Not bad, I thought, not bad, that nobody else allowed themselves to get sucked in. Not great that nobody said anything positive, but whatever. At least nobody said anything bad.

Today I went to the lunchroom a bit earlier than usual because I was starving. I try not to go early because the "noon crew" are usually loud and obnoxious. In fact, there are two women in particular who rub me the wrong way every time I am in there. They are particularly opinionated, and usually objectionable. So another woman on their table pipes up about gay marriage, again in reference to the newspaper. I braced myself, ready to butt in and give them my opinion. And both of the women that I particularly dislike loudly defended anyone being able to marry anyone they choose, and how the rest of us should just leave them to it and stop making such a big deal out of it. And then went on to say how appalling it is that our state refuses to let gay couples adopt, leaving children in foster care when there are loving families that want them.

I was floored. And VERY pleasantly surprised. It was the last thing I expected out of the mouths of these two women. Just goes to show that you can't judge people or pigeonhole them easily.


Meg said...

It's so great when people pleasantly surprise us.

I hope the good news call arrives shortly!

Almamay said...

I'm pleasantly surprised as well. The bigots usually shout louder than the voice of reason.

We have an employment t.ribunal case here in London where a orthodox c.hristian r.egistrar refuses to perform civil partnerships because she says she would be assisting people to sin. We are waiting for the out come of the case. Should be very interesting when the tribunal publishes it's decision.

Sam said...

That is great to hear. I am so tired of people and their stupid opinions on things that will never having any bearing on their lives. I can't believe it took my state this long but I am very happy that things are changing.

Miss X said...

Hi Sarah. I hope you don't mind me leaving my opinion on this hot button topic. There just aren't many people I'm comfortable talking to about this...

I was raised in a conservative, Christian home. I still go to church...right now I have intentions of going but am in a new city & haven't ventured out much.

It seems to me that The Church (by that I mean Catholic & Protestant Christian) picks a sin to "target" while letting "lesser sins" slide. Right now, they are very anti-homosexual. In 10 to 20 years, homosexuality will be accepted in the church.

They used to hate divorce. Guess what? The statistics are the same for church goers as with non church goers. Same goes for teen sex & pregnancy outside of marriage.

If enough people do it, then it must be okay.

And there are "acceptable" sins in the church, like gluttony. It seems like most pastors are overweight, but it's okay for them to idolize food. (Honestly, I'm a glutton who is trying to reform).

I really believe God calls us to love people, not to point out their sin.

While I'm not sure how I feel on gay marriage, I do believe in rights for domestic partners and I think it's ridiculous that gay people can't adopt in some states. I can't even begin to imagine how it could possibly be better for a child to be tossed around the foster system, never really having a home or feeling loved (let alone wanted) than to be raised by a gay person.

Tricia said...

Eloquently said Miss X!!

I, too, don't get the big deal about Gay marriage, or adoption for that matter. Maybe its our generation? They want to get married - let them! Heaven knows there are enough messed up heterosexual families, but apparently THAT's ok (rolls eyes)

Looking forward to your report tomorrow Miss Sarah!!


gypsygrrl said...

first of all ~ thanks sarah for your acceptance and willingness to go to bat against bigotry in all forms... and second, isnt it nice when people surprise us?

once a friend made a comment about "gays shouldnt be allowed to raise kids" and a nurse friend of mine was like "WHY THE HELL NOT?" and she gave the person an earful ~ nurse friend worked in case management in child services and saw the kids without homes and also saw the kids who got places in *ahem* alternative families and how amazing putting a kid in a family that wanted them was for the child... it shut the jerky person up right away. it was nice to have her make the comment tho, because i wasnt up for the fight, it hit me too personally (and nurse friend knew it)