Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 3

I am slowly catching up on sleep. Slowly catching up on work. And slowly getting to the bottom of the source of the funky smell in my kitchen.

My suitcase turned up yesterday afternoon, so I was able to be reunited with all the important things in life, like my conditioner and razor.

I gingerly stepped on the scale this morning, and am up 5 pounds. Hopefully 2 of those will drop away quickly as I'm hoping that'll be water weight. Which should leave me just 3 pounds to work off to get back to pre-IVF weight (plus the other, ooh, 43 or so from there). I am determined to get back to healthy eating - I actually missed it while I was away, although that could also be due to frustration at not having (m)any healthy vegetarian options available in the restaurants that were close to the hotel. And I'm pretty proud of myself for facing up to the weight issue this morning, rather than delaying weighing myself for another week as I was tempted to do.

Today is embryo day 3, and somehow I managed to leave my cellphone sitting at home. Which is great in that it'll be nicely charged when I unplug it, but not so great in that I was hoping for a call from the RE about how the embryos are doing. I have emailed and asked if he can call my work number instead, but am not entirely hopeful. Meh.

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