Tuesday, June 24, 2008

After, number 1

Here's the "after" shot from the patio cleaning this weekend.  That's a cat tail at bottom left, by the way - she wouldn't pose nicely for you.  Of course, now the camera is put away she is sitting nicely in the middle of the patio, looking around regally.  Note also the lovely plastic flamingoes.  They were a joke present from my cousin for my Florida yard, but I actually like them.  Not enough to put them in the front of the house, you understand.  But they are fun.  And OK, so the patio isn't pristine white, but it's as good as I can get. And seeing as it was literally mostly black before, it's a huge improvement.  And the eagle eyed among you may spot the leaves at the bottom of the pool, which will be rectified sometime this week.  Maybe.

Stay tuned for another "after" as I'm getting my hair chopped today.  That one may even come with a "before" photo if you're really lucky though I'm not taking one right now as I just got out of bed.


calliope said...

hurrah for photos!
That patio looks spotless. well done.
please send Kitty back in for her close up :)

& am demanding hair photos. You can't NOT post them now. bwha ha ha!

bleu said...

Very nice indeed. I always pictured your house, I see now how incorrect I was so thanks for giving me a visual.

Looking forward to the hair pics.