Thursday, June 12, 2008

No, just fat

Trigger tonight, ER on Saturday.  It's all good.

Today he counted 16 follicles, however I think he said 11 were of a good size.  Not coincidentally, that's the same number of follicles he counted in the first scan.  Which just goes to show that there's no point getting excited about additional follicles that pop up as the cycle goes on because they can't catch up fast enough.  But hey, last cycle we retrieved 10 eggs, so 11 will definitely be a better result.  And if maybe he can suck out 12 or 13, so much the better.  Although, frankly at this point, ANY eggs retrieved is a good result so I won't mind whatever the number is.  It really all does come down to the chromosomes, and 1 normal egg out of 1 is really the same result as 1 normal egg out of 20.

I was talking to a woman in the waiting room who had given me the evil eye on Monday.  I couldn't quite work out then if she was reacting to the lack of a wedding ring on my finger or my poofy belly, as they were both in kind of the same area that she was staring at.  Turns out it was the belly, as she said today that she thought I was pregnant.  So not for the first time in this IF journey I was forced to say "no, just fat".  I did add "and bloated from the meds" to which she agreed that she, too, was bloated from the meds.  Uh-huh.  So you're sitting in an IVF clinic, bloated, and a woman comes in on her own for an appointment and you think the poofy belly is not stims bloat but rather pregnancy?  I know, I know, logic doesn't really get a look-in when we're in the midst of infertility angst, but really.

Anyway, I think we're both doing retrieval on Saturday and she was very nice so we wished each other lots of luck and had quite a nice conversation.  After she knew I wasn't pregnant, that is.


calliope said...

dude. some lady in the waiting room SAID that to you? at a fucking fertility clinic?? I would have smacked her. sheesh.

that is a KICK ASS report today. What time is your trigger? Do you need a reminder call?? I'm good with those.


Stephanie said...


I just don't even know what to say...

Except for that I'm sure that, if you were pregnant, that the first place you'd want to be is a fertility clinic.

Yep. That'd be my first choice, too.

katty said...

Fingers crossed..........

Aimee & Hannah said...

Geez... Are you serious? Did the fertility meds fry her brain or something? How very rude! In the first place, why would you be sitting in a fertility clinic if you were pregnant?! Ugh... I'm so sorry you had to deal with that outlandish cold comment. *hugs*

Praying and hoping that this is your lucky #7 cycle!!!