Saturday, May 31, 2008

Flow, going with

Well, the acu school confirmed that they definitely won't let me in in September.  But the good news is that they will let me in in January if I complete the general education classes that are required.  I am just going to go with the flow instead of fighting it.  I figure a semester at community college might be fun, and it will at least get me back into studying in a fairly easy way.  And thanks for the ideas on getting my A-levels to count as some of the general education credits.  But seeing as I have all science A-levels, I don't think they'll necessarily help!  I have more than enough science credits, but don't have art appreciation so am therefore screwed.  Or something along those lines.

They gave me the schedule for the January intake, and again it's good and bad news.  The good news is that it's arranged so that I can probably do 20 hours at work and still have enough time left over to do class work.  With 20 hours, I might be able to scrape by without loans.  The bad news is that a lot of the classes are at night, and the classes end right at the time the last train leaves the nearby station for the night so I have no way of making the train.  And on Saturdays the trains only run every 2 hours, so I would have to arrive at 7am for a 9am start.  So unless they change the train schedule I will have to drive every day.  Which is a tad worrying for three reasons: first, my car is getting old, and I was hoping not to have to subject it to a lot of mileage, in the hopes that it would last until I am earning better money again; second, the drivers around here are crazy and I will be in fear for my life every day on I-95; and third, it'll take me two gallons of fuel a day to make the trip so we're talking a lot more cash than the trainfare would have been.

However, I have a plan at least.  I know which direction things are heading in, and it's all ticking along.  I have an appointment with the CC on Tuesday to discuss things with them, and take the English placement tests and other ridiculousness.

S'all good.  Kinda, sorta.

Wait,  you came here to find out about IVFs??  You don't care about my college plans?  Oh me, oh my!

Well, I have still not booked my hotel for my Vegas trip.  Which is a bit stupid, really, seeing as I am leaving next weekend.  Nor have I booked a car.  Or in fact, told my boss that I'm going to be out of town for a week.  I'm going to have to spring it on him on Monday morning and hope for the best.  Hoo boy, he's going to be mad.  Unless I can convince him that I told him 3 weeks ago, and he's forgotten about it.  As he is quite forgetful on that score, that might not be too hard to do.

I am trudging along, taking ganirelix and estrogen.  I will start stims on Monday.  Not that I've got the go-ahead to start stims but I'm working on the assumption that as they didn't tell me NOT to start following the baseline u/s from a week ago, that I'll just plow ahead.  I can't say this IVF is very exciting so far, but that's fine by me.


calliope said...

oh why can't anything be EASY?!
so annoyed (on your behalf- because I am a good friend that way!) that you have to do all this extra bit of fluff just to get to the acu bit.

I am just hoping for some HAWT professors teaching you your humanities...heh

Wow- stims on monday!

Anonymous said...

Ooooo, I hadn't thought of HAWT professors... mmmmm.
I think I'd actually really enjoy to take some of those classes. Do you have to take specific requirements like English 101? Or can you pick something fun and funky? I'd seriously love to go back to school if I could cherry-pick some fun courses. And I do think it will be good for you to get back into the school mode that way.

Looking forward to seeing you next weekend.

katedaphne said...

I'm with you, sometimes going with the flow is the way to go. The gain you might get from fighting is not worht the strain you'd avoid by just going along.

Maybe you can find a classmate to carpool with once tings get started with acu school.