Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Numbers, numbers

As usual in an IVF cycle, I have been dwelling on numbers.  Do you know, if I count the FET and the cycle that got cancelled on CD2 for a cyst, I have started 10 IVF cycles?  And I started 10 IUI cycles too.  Strange symmetry there.

I completed 8 IUI cycles, as two got cancelled due to early ovulation.  One IVF cycle didn't make it out of the starting gate due to the monster cyst (although of course I'd already done a cycle of suppression and estrogen priming at that point), and one got converted at trigger to an IUI because of a poor response, so that makes 8 IVF cycles completed if I count the present one.  More symmetry.  

This egg retrieval will be number 7, and I have done 6 transfers.  I wonder if I will get to do a 7th transfer?  Maybe 7 will be my lucky number.

The news this morning is that the RE counted 15 follicles.  15!  They range in size from 12mm to 19mm.  Of course, the 12mm guys are very unlikely to produce mature eggs, but if he can retrieve all 15 that'll be my best response yet, as my previous best was 14 eggs.  I am going to continue on stims for another day, and go back for a look-see tomorrow, but it looks very likely that I will trigger tomorrow for retrieval on Saturday.

I had actually run out of ganirelix and luveris, but the clinic very kindly gave me some donations of those this morning, so now I am good for another day.  I have to say that I am liking LV clinic more and more.  I appreciate that they are very laid back and that there are fewer blood draws and ultrasounds than other clinics.  I appreciate that they appreciate the costs involved in all this stuff, and do their best to keep the costs down.  I appreciate that they do some outside the box thinking and experimenting, even if it doesn't always turn out perfectly.  At least they try.


Almamay said...

The number 15 is sounding very positive. I get very hung up on numbers as well. It's hard not to.

Keep up the good work. I'm sending you lots and lots of love from London.

DC said...

FIFTEEN follicles?!? WOW!! I would kill for 15 follies!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they grow nicely and you have lots of good eggies at retrieval time. :)

I go in for my b/w & u/s tomorrow to find out when I'll trigger. So far, I'm looking at four follicles. Grrr.

Aimee & Hannah said...

AWESOME NEWS SARAH!!! 7 is my lucky number! I hope it's yours too! ;o)

Jess said...

I've always had a thing with numbers. The several different symmetries you mentioned are pretty remarkable. I hope they get tons of eggs at retrieval (and don't give up on your 12mms so soon!) and that things only get better from there. Thinking of you, and feeling a lot of hope for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's so exciting! 15 follicles is freaking fantastic. Okay, I know you still have to have at least one good one in there, but it sounds like your little ovaries are giving it their best shot. And you're right, maybe 7 is your lucky number/cycle. Heck, you're in Vegas, baby. Seven IS a lucky number.

Care said...

15 - Wow - that is awesome! Yeah for LV clinic!