Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Observing other people

So, my cousin will say that he is going to bed. And then appears to just...go to bed. No peeing, no teeth cleaning, no face washing. Nothing. Says nighty-night and then off he goes. I mean, OK, so he's a guy, and he's recently separated from his wife, and he's on vacation, so maybe the no teeth cleaning/washing thing is just a rebellion against social hygiene norms. Maybe he is just taking advantage of the opportunity to be a slob. Or maybe he is actually doing it, but I am not noticing (kind of hard in my house, as it's very small, but hey, I guess it's not beyond the bounds of possibilities).

But how on earth can you go to bed without peeing?

It's just not possible! I have to pee right before I go to bed. And even if I do my pre-bed pee, and then get distracted into doing something else, like scooping kitty poop or turning the dishwasher on, most of the time, I have to go and pee again, even if it's going to be just a few drops. It's I suppose mostly in my mind, but I cannot get to sleep if I haven't emptied my bladder recently.

Is my cousin an aberration or am I? Was I just mercilessly trained by my mother to avoid peeing accidents and now it's so ingrained my brain just won't let me turn off without going through the rituals? Am I weird? I like to think that he's the weird one. He must have a bladder of steel, or something.


bleu said...


I and Bliss both go pee right before bed and also upon waking. We also though drink lots of water, maybe he never drinks anything??

calliope said...

your cousin is weird.
big time.
I'd check the bed or invest in rubber sheets...just in case.

Elowyn said...

I'd sooner go to bed w/o peeing than w/o brushing teeth. Ewww. I'm such a camel, that if I'd peed in the last hour or so, that would be ok for me. But dirty teeth? Not a chance. (Of course, I generally do both, plus take out my contacts, so...)

Anonymous said...

Your cousin is a freak, you, completely normal.

Mermaid said...

Absolutely must pee before bed! Saves that awful 3 am trip.

Almamay said...

HA, HA, HA, HA! You've lived in the States too long. They are like that here. When they say, "I'm going to bed," they actually do it. Brits!!