Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rambling nonsense

So I figure I'm just going to have to keep posting rambling nonsense in the hope that eventually all the weird format Blackberry posts fall off the page, and the format of the blog goes back to normal. I tried to fix it yesterday by tinkering, but I failed miserably.

So, rambling nonsense. Well, today is 8DPO, and to pass the time I am looking at kitchen taps. I had the plumber out yesterday who fixed my kitchen drain (yay!) and then told me I need a new tap because the old one is leaking and he couldn't fix it. Apparently the leak is up inside the tap body where he can't get at it. And of course I have fallen in love with a ridiculously expensive tap. [OK, more weirdness, in draft that word "tap" is a nice little blue underlined link but when I publish the post it just looks like a regular word. But you can click on it, promise.] Everybody tells me that I would be ridiculous to spend that kind of money on a tap, but you know, once you've blown twenty grand on a chance at pregnancy that's not all that great anyway, spending money takes on this surreal quality. My friend A. tells me that she's seen "an array" of faucets that resemble the particular one that I like and they'd be just as good for a lot less money. So I guess I will have to hunt one down, but all the ones I've seen, while "resembling" don't look as good to me.

And I've finally figured out what to do about my patio, not that you knew that it's something I've been mulling ever since I moved in to my house (I have a skanky rotting deck that Has. To. Go.), but still. The right design finally came to me this morning. Not that I shall be lining up for a patio redo until I know whether I'll be doing another IVF this year, but it's nice to have it mentally sorted out. I have many things around the house mentally done, it's just the execution I'm a bit slow on.

In va-jay-jay news, well, there is none. So, move along. Nothing to see here. No symptoms to report, no implantation cramping or spotting or anything of that nature. Whole lotta nothin'.


Deb2You2 said...

Hi Sarah - yeah, the waiting and day counting is "tap" news...if it makes you feel any better on spending the money. I spent almost $500 on a regular $200 tap that the plumbing co. marked up 2.5%. It hurt and it is just an ordinary replacement of what I had. And, no syptoms doesn't mean it didn't work. Many people (incl. myself) didn't have any symptoms or a clue until after, much after the beta. Hoping this is your lucky cycle and you can be redoing the patio instead of another IVF. Deb

MargieInAZ said...

I didn't have any symptoms either, so don't get discouraged.
As far as the "tap" or faucet goes, there's one of those listed on eBay, starting bid at $299 which still has over two days to go, but you never know... maybe nobody else will bid on it.
Good luck

Solitaire said...

Ooh, thanks Margie. I found it on ebay at a "buy it now" price of $375 + $20 shipping but that's much better.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah -

I think that you deserve to have any faucet you want, regardless of the price.


calliope said...

am I the only one that finds it ever so charming that you call your faucet a "tap"?

Hope it is already being shipped to you!


Solitaire said...

OK, well, people in the office have been laughing at me as well for saying tap. But don't you ask for "tap water" in restaurants? Lots of people here do. They don't seem to think anything of it. So why say "tap water" if only "faucet" will do for the thing it comes out of?

Anonymous said...

One of the great mysteries of American English....