Thursday, August 02, 2007

Nervous, nervous, nervous

That's all I'm going to say today. I'm worried about my embryos, and hoping they're dividing properly and are of good quality.

I'm pretty nervous that they're going to be crap, or worse, dead, and I'll be deeply depressed very very soon.


June Bug Momma said...

Sarah- It is understandable to be nervous and tense right now. ((((hugs)))I am hoping your dynamite duo are cleaving and dividing nicely right now! :o)Hoping and praying for a wonderful outcome for you!

Jackie said...

Oh Sarah...I understand that fear and anxiety so very well. Just trust that your two beautiful embryos are in great hands and the lab is taking the best possible care of them right now. Thinking of you and praying very hard that this is YOUR cycle.

calliope said...

seriously- your embies are in the BEST place being tended to by the BEST geeks/lab people.

how soon will you know anything??

Chas said...

Good luck!! I've got a lot of the same feelings right now!!!

BTW, if you visit me...this comment will link to my regular blog, but if you want my IF's , the pw is "frozen".

Anonymous said...

Day 2 is really hard! Cali is right though. Your embryos are in one of the top labs in the world! If they can grow & divide in FL, they will surely be fine in NY. Hang in there. Wishing you an awesome report tomorrow!

MargieinAZ said...

Sending lots of growth and healthy embryo vibes your way.

gabby said...

Can't wait for an update. Thinking of you today!