Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's needling me

Well, I did it, I made an appointment with the new acu. Yes, yes, call me lame. I cannot stop. But I realized that I can do one acu appointment with this guy a week AND a yoga class for the same amount of money as I was spending for one appointment with the old acu. So although I had wanted to save money I guess I'll try to cut back somewhere else - at least I am about to change my car insurance policy to one that'll save me $50 a month so that's something. Ooh, and I forgot, I am going to fire the lawn guy, so that's another $70 a month. And I stopped therapy too so there's some savings. Oh, you hadn't realized I was still going to therapy? Well, I was, but not posting about it because we never seemed to make any big breakthroughs or talk about anything very novel. But I do think it helped. However, insurance was only reimbursing me $77.50 and it was costing $175 a session, so that's another cost reduction.

This new guy practices Japanese acupuncture, which is apparently slightly different from Chinese acupuncture, so we'll see if there is any difference in practice. And he's close by my house, does evening appointments, and is HOT, judging by his photo. And close to my age!! Probably gay or married, knowing my luck, but hey, if there's no wedding ring I am planning a bit of eye twinkling and flirting just because I haven't flirted in forever and probably have forgotten how. My first appointment is tonight, so I'll see if it's relaxing at all. If it is, then I'll probably keep going. I'm going to start up yoga again on Saturday morning. AND my food finally arrives today for my new lazy person's diet. I signed up for one where they send you all your meals for an entire week so you don't have to think any more about what to eat. No, it's not nutr.isy.stem. That tastes like cardboard, I have heard. It's a different one, but I'll wait until I see how it's going before revealing which one.

So, there we are. The plan is coming together. Hopefully my ovaries will get their act in gear, too.

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calliope said...

I thought I had commented something on your previous post, but I guess that was in my head.

Not that you asked- but I was going to suggest getting massage as well (or instead) of new accu...however- a HOT accu guy changes everything!!!

right on!

I can't wait to hear about the twinkling and the session...but really I want you to twinkle!