Thursday, August 09, 2007

More rambling nonsense

9DPO. Got a bit crampy last night and again today. Which could quite easily be dehydration as I've been neglecting my water intake in favor of this deeelicious cappucino that they've put in our new coffee machine at work. I think I'm addicted. Don't worry, I'm hitting the "decaf" button. Otherwise no exciting symptoms. Not that cramping is necessarily exciting, as I've had plenty of it on prior IVF cycles and those didn't exactly turn out well.

Had a guy over to the house to look at the defunct dishwasher and clothes dryer. Of course, they need expensive parts. Of course. I am waiting for a call with the estimates. The dishwasher needs a new control board and the dryer needs a new motor. Except the dryer is working now once the guy spun the motor free. Apparently there's a "dead spot". Technical term, that. He said it could fail the next time I use it, or could work for another 2 years. Depending on the cost of the motor it might be worth buying a new dryer so I can get a more energy efficient one. It's about 10 years old so it's probably using more energy than necessary. But hopefully this one will work now for a bit so I can put off that expense. The dishwasher will just have to be patched up though. Those are expensive to replace! Well, expensive if I get a stainless steel one to match the other stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. Which I have to do really, otherwise it'd look really odd and put potential buyers off the house. Not that I'm thinking of selling any time soon, but you've always got to have these things in mind.

And I bid on that faucet on ebay, and then found it even cheaper as there was an auction with no reserve. But it's seeing some fairly heavy bidding action and has 6 days left. So I'm hoping that my gamble pays off that the one with no reserve ends up higher than the other one. Heh, I'm going to get an expensive tap! I'm actually quite giddy with excitement because I think it'll look really good in the kitchen. But a new tap, sorry, faucet, is definitely needed - when the drain was slow and gurgling I didn't hear the dripping underneath the sink, and didn't realize exactly how much water was leaking. It's a LOT. It needs to be replaced ASAP.

Oh, the joys of living in an older house. Always something going wrong to keep me on my toes. Which is pretty damn nice to fixate on during the two week wait. I'm actually glad I'm working on getting this stuff fixed now!

ETA: Oooh, looky, posting this one fixed the format back. Finally!

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calliope said...

yay! I can see your bunny again. Now everything is all better.