Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I just couldn't let it lie

I started stressing about the progesterone dosage. Yes, even though I said I wouldn't. So I emailed Dr. S. thinking that he probably wouldn't respond until tomorrow but he'd probably tell me to stay on 0.5cc and that'd be fine. Just so long as he was making the decision based on a full knowledge of my history, of course.

But he emailed straight back and said I may as well take the full 1cc dose. So that reassures me a bit.

I just hope my little embryos are doing OK. Please pull through, little ones, please work for me, embryo #'s 15 and 16.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah, I'm thinking about you and your little embryos! Grow little embryos, grow! This part of the wait is tough b/c you have no idea what's going on. Argh! Hang in there! Wishing you a great transfer of two wonderful embryos. Oh, glad you checked with your RE about the progesterone. Piece of mind is key in this process.