Friday, August 03, 2007

More nervous

Not much to say so far today. I am so freakin' nervous, I am ready to jump out of my skin. I've never had so few embryos and am so worried that they won't make it to transfer. Big Clinic doesn't give out embryo information until you get there, and they don't want me there until 3pm. Thank god for valium, as it's only due to some leftover prescription from the last IVF (I didn't get any from Big Clinic) that I have any confidence in being somewhat relaxed to welcome the embryos home. I hope.



Anonymous said...

Oh, I so know this stage! It's nerve-wracking! I took a double dose of valium and it really helped so dose up, lol!

I bet they have already checked the embies this morning and if there was a problem they would have called by now. Hang in there! Rest up and let those little ones get cozy! Good thing for you is that the embryos are well familiar with their environment already thanks to the coculture process. :)


ms.bri said...

I am thinking of you today - this is terribly nerve-destroying. I'm sending light toward Manhattan for you.

Knock Me Up said...

Oh I know it is hard - hang on as best you can. I agree with Cindy, they probably would have called if it wasn't a go. Take care. I'll check back.

calliope said...

DUDE- you are SO going to get knocked up today. You just ARE.

It's nearly 3pm and I am thinking of you hard core.


linda said...

I can't tell you how many ladies I hear of getting pregnant with 3 or fewer embryos. Co-culture saved the day! I hope you'll be getting good news soon. :)