Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The big phone call

Hmmm, well, I got the fertilization report. It's not exactly stellar news. Of the 7 retrieved, 4 were mature and only 2 fertilized normally.

Here's my progression:

14 retrieved, 10 mature, 7 fertilized / 50% fertilization rate, or 70% of mature eggs
5 retrieved, 4 mature, 4 fertilized / 80% fertilization rate or 100% of mature eggs
9 retrieved, 7 mature, 3 fertilized / 33% fertilization rate, or 42% of mature eggs
7 retrieved, 4 mature, 2 fertilized / 28% fertilization rate, or 50% of mature eggs

Seems to be getting worse as I get older. My guess is that IF I have to do another cycle, Dr. S. will want me to go back to the microdose lupron protocol, as he kind of wanted me to do this time. But, while I had my best cycle on it, which is what he was going off, I also had my worst cycle on it (the one where I was cancelled). So I'm not sure what I think of doing that. I guess I'll have to sit down and have a long discussion with him.

I know, I know, at this point some of you will be telling me to think positively. And I am, sort of. I know women who only had 2 who ended up pregnant. I know it can work with low numbers. I'm well aware of that. I am not moping, I'm really not. Just a bit deflated again. I guess 11.5's really can't catch up after trigger.

OK, well, moving on to other things. Alacrity asked what happened to my plans of not finding out my estrogen levels. Well, I did stick to that, sort of. I never asked a nurse for my estrogen level on the day the blood was drawn. But I did see the previous level on the screen when I went for my ultrasounds, yet I promise I haven't stressed out about them. Much.

And I wanted to post on my PIO conundrum. You see, I have always had sucky progesterone levels, and the only time I had a good blood test I was doing 1cc progesterone shots in the morning (about 1.5 hours before the blood draw) and suppositories in the evening. So I'm sure the bloodwork was off, because of all the newly injected progesterone still circulating in my bloodstream. Depending on estrogen levels, however, Big Clinic gives a dosage of 0.5cc or 1cc only. I was initially worried about that, and thought I would demand 1cc at least, no matter what. But I have since decided that I will take whatever dosage they set for me. If it is too low, my bloodwork will reveal that, and they can up the dose. And a lower dose will be better for me. And they need to have accurate feedback on my cycle. So I have to trust that they know what they are doing. And lo and behold, my instructions are to take 0.5cc only. So I'm going to do just that and hope for the best.


June Bug Momma said...

Sarah- I know you would have hoped for more fertilized eggs. I guess it could have been worse right? I'm hoping that those are two terrific quality lookin' eggs that will be transferred! My fingers are big time crossed for quality and implantation success!! Thinking positive thoughts for ya!!

calliope said...

fuckity fuck fuck.
there. I said it.
I'm so sorry.

but now that I have had my moment of expletives I am plowing forward with full on HOPE and optimism for your beautiful two.



Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah -

I know that you are disappointed, and I am too,


lets turn our attention to those two embryos - there is every chance that they will be good quality - hang in there until ET!

Thinking of you,

Care said...

I'm sorry you didn't get the fertilization report you had hoped for. Those two embryos could be all it takes though. I'm thinking postive thoughts for you.