Friday, August 11, 2006


Got an email from the big boss, sent to several people.

"I've heard a number of concerns about ***** and I intend to have a talk with him. I would like your succinct notation of problems, mistakes etc. I will not use names."

It appears that "operation get the jackass fired" is having an effect. Ahhh, that'll give me a nicer weekend!

No, really, I'm not vindictive. Moi? I just think that we don't need people who lie, are sloppy and actually prevent the rest of us from working.


Kim said...

Whoo hoo! You go, Sarah gal! I hope the jackass gets his, so you can stop worrying about silly little things like "work". I mean, who wants to think about that, when you're trying to incubate, for goodness' sake! ;-)

Calliope said...

This is kick ass news!!
So hopeful that this will be the start of improvements at the office for you. It has been sucking WAY too much of your energy.