Friday, August 25, 2006

About last night

So, um, yeah, I have been suffering from fatigue lately, which I think is due to the fact that I am having a fibromyalgia flare up. I have had fibro for about 4 years, but for the last 2 years it was almost completely under control - thankfully it was caught early by my naturopath, and I immediately started taking appropriate supplements, having massages and reducing my stress level at work. Well, I guess I haven't been dealing with the stress lately as well as I thought I had. I suppose IVF will do that to you. So my back, hands and feet are now pretty darn painful, my digestive system is complaining, and the old fatigue is hitting hard. I'm hoping that I can get it under control again soon.

Anyhoo, due to this whole fatigue thing, I went to bed at 9pm on Wednesday night. Last night, I made it to 8.30pm before deciding enough was enough and that I had to hit the hay. So I spent a few minutes relaxing all my muscles, and drifted off to sleep pretty quickly. Then who knows how long later, I was woken up by someone banging on my door. They have to bang because the doorbell doesn't work, but that's another story. I jumped out of bed, and started rummaging around in my closet for a robe to put on, and of course my fleece winter robe was the only one I found quickly, and who knows where the tie for that one has gone so I had to hold it closed. I put the lights on, and as I got to the front door, I could see red and white lights twinkling through the glass in the door. Figuring it was the cops (who else would wake me up in the middle of the night?), I turned the alarm off, switched the porch light on, and opened the door.

It was a drunk dude standing there, in a ratty t-shirt and jeans. Someone else was sitting in a truck that had just backed into my driveway. I am standing there in a ridiculous fleece robe, in the middle of summer in Florida, blinking at him. The dude sways a bit, and says "Hey, I'm Freddie xxxxx, and I live a block over. This is a bit embarrasing, but I, uh, hit your car last night." He sways a bit more. I clutch my robe around me even tighter, and, being typically eloquent, said "huh?". Because I think I would have noticed yesterday if someone had hit my car, and besides, I never park on the street. I park in my driveway, with enough room behind my car for a whole other car. Also, there's a tree at the end of the driveway which you have to be pretty careful not to hit, so if you were just swerving along the street driving drunk, you'd hit the tree way before you'd get to my car. But of course, part of me really wanted to go outside and check the car for damage, however, the rational part of me was thinking, shit, it's the middle of the night, I'm in a robe that doesn't close properly and I foolishly already opened the door. This guy could be trying to lure me outside in a cunning ploy to kill me and then rob the house. So I stood there for a bit, uncertain what to do. Drunk dude registered my confusion, and blinked at the house door number. "Oh" he says, "this is 1234? I wanted 1230." [Not my real door number, in case that wasn't obvious.] "Where's 1230?" "Next door, that way" says I, pointing. Drunk dude staggered off back to the truck, and his driver (AA mentor? Annoyed spouse? Friend?) drove him all of 20 feet to the neighbor's house.

I locked the front door, went and found my summer robe, which I can actually close, and snuck out of the house to quickly look at the car, just in case. It was fine. I then locked up the house, put the alarm back on, and went back to my bedroom for a sneak peak at the neighbor's house, though I couldn't see what was going on, because their SUV in their driveway was blocking my view. Figuring there was no point trying to spy for too long, as I was damn tired, and it was after all the middle of the night, I gave up looking out of the window as a pointless exercise. At that point, I caught sight of the clock as I fell back into bed.

It was 9.06pm.


namaste said...

Yikes! Scary drunk guy! (so glad it wasn't your car he hit!!!). Sorry you're not feeling so great lately. Hopefully things will settle down soon for you. Your poor body has taken a beating lately.

margieinaz said...

OMG, that's a classic.
So glad it was just a stupid drunk guy with no intention of harm to you, but how funny.
Take care of yourself, give yourself some time to get back on track in between cycles. A massage or two sounds perfect. Just don't run yourself into the ground, pamper yourself for a change.
You deserve it.